2017 Intercol (Issue 12 2017)

Written on the 17 August 2017

On Friday and Saturday of last week, Sacred Heart took on old rivals, Rostrevor in the annual Intercollegiate Weekend. A fantastic two days saw some great sportsmanship and true team spirit in action! Results are below:

First XI: SHC 0 drew RC 0 (Medallist: Joel Smith)
Second XI: SHC 1 def RC 0 (Medallist: Marcus McInerney)
Third XI: SHC 3 def RC 1 (Medallist: Dominic Mayer)
10A: SHC 1 def by RC 11 (Medallist: Jack Spyker)
Middle A: SHC 0 def by RC 4 (Medallist: Luke Romano)
Middle B1: SHC 2 drw with RC 2 (Medallist: Ethan Kerrish)
Middle B2: SHC 1 def by RC 24 (Medallist: Will De Ritter)
Primary A: SHC 2 def by RC 4 (Medallist: Jai Shipton)

Open C: SHC 54 def RC 16 (Medallist: Jake Hywood)
Open B: SHC 57 def RC 12 (Medallist: Liam Chapman)
Open A: SHC 53 def RC 43 (Medallist: Hayden Meakes)
Middle C: SHC 33 def RC 18 (Medallist: Fletcher Wellington)
Middle B: SHC 31 def RC 26 (Medallist: Dane Bobinac)
Middle A: SHC 48 def RC 20 (Medallist: Will Wilkinson)

First XVIII: SHC 12.11 def RC 3.10 (Medallist: Wilson Otto)
Second XVIII: SHC 14.14 def RC 5.3 (Medallist: Tate Lovering)
Third XVIII: SHC 24.18 def RC 4.1 (Medallist: Patrick Fordham)
Year 10A: SHC def by RC by 35 points (Medallist: Tom Rooney)
Year 10B: SHC 24.12 def RC 1.0 (Medallist: Kyle Scott)
Year 9A: SHC 6.2 def RC 5.7 (Medallist: Xavier Robins)
Year 9B: SHC def RC (Medallist: Elijah Laube)
Year 8A: SHC 4.6 def by RC 6.6 (Medallist: Ed Faulkner)
Primary A: SHC 14.25 def RC 0.0 (Medallist: Bowen Payne)

Middle A: RC 24 def SHC 16 (Medallist: Jake Underwood)



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