Keeping you and your child safe on the roads (School Drop-off and Pick-up) (Issue 1 2017)

Written on the 9 February 2017

It is important that parents/carers teach their children how to be safe when arriving at and leaving the school grounds. Plan ahead - it is less stressful to plan where you will park, drop off or pick up your children. Give yourself plenty of time to find suitable parking once you arrive. Please do not pull into the bus stop as even a quick stop blocks the zone which creates a potentially dangerous scenario.

Drop-off and pick-up areas are designated places where you can quickly set down and pick up your children. They create a safe environment for children and keep traffic moving. However, there can often be queues at drop-off and pick-up areas outside schools. Please discuss with your son(s) alternative drop-off and pick-up points which may alleviate congestion and be safer for all concerned.

Middle School Drop-off and Pick-up areas:

  • Thirza Avenue (northern side of the road)
  • Walter Avenue (car park, no entry into the school)
  • Percy Avenue and the front car park.

When using a Drop-off and Pick-up area:

  • Use the area like a quick moving taxi rank.
  • Please move forward in the queue of vehicles to the designated area.
  • If inside the school grounds you may get out of your vehicle to quickly help your children get in and out safely. However please do not walk away from your vehicle.
  • If your children are not ready to get straight into your vehicle at pick-up time, please park your vehicle.
  • You should only let your children out once you have pulled into the designated area (it is dangerous to let them out while waiting in a queue).
  • Teach your children to look out for your vehicle and to get in quickly when you pull up.
  • Please do not restrict the flow of traffic and buses.

Parking safety tips for drivers
If you choose to park on the roads or streets around school it is important to follow some simple safety rules:

  • Observe school 25km speed limits around schools when children are present.
  • Ensure that children exit their car onto the footpath.
  • Never call out to your child from the other side of the road. Walk across the road and meet your children after school.
  • Try to leave home early to avoid arriving at the busiest times.
  • Follow the directions of all signs. Do not park in No Standing zones, bus zones or across school entrances.
  • Park a safe distance from all crossings.
  • Respect local neighbours and their right to access their driveways.
  • Be mindful of litter.
  • Always single park (double parking causes accidents and traffic jams).
  • Try parking a few streets away from the school and walking with your children.

Illegally or dangerously parked vehicles
Marion Council and SAPOL often patrol school zones and will issue fines to illegally parked vehicles or dangerous driving.

Emu (flags) crossings
Emu crossings are located in school zones and have white road markings and red CHILDREN CROSSING flags displayed on red and white posts. They are part-time crossings and are only operational when the red CHILDREN CROSSING flags are displayed.

What should pedestrians and drivers do?

  • Whenever crossing the road, even if the flags are displayed, please use the STOP LOOK LISTEN THINK procedure to check that vehicles have stopped and drivers have seen them before they walk across.
  • When the flags are not up pedestrians do not have priority. They should use the STOP LOOK LISTEN THINK procedure to cross the road.
  • When crossing monitors are on duty everyone must follow their instructions.
  • As emu crossings are in school zones, drivers must travel at no more than 25km/h at any time when children are present on the road or footpath.
  • Drivers must stop for anyone using the crossing or about to use the crossing when the flags are displayed.
  • Drivers are not required to stop if the flags are not displayed.
  • Drivers must not park within 20 metres of the approach to an emu crossing or within 10 metres after passing it.
  • Above all else we ask that you are patient and polite to other road users.

When your child is walking or riding home by bike, have a conversation about road safety. They should cross major roads with caution and only at traffic lights and only on the green walk signal. A reminder that skateboards and scooters should not be ridden to school.

By following a few simple safety guidelines parents/carers and the College can work together to ensure the safe arrival and departure of students with minimal stress.

Joe Millemaci
Director of Students


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