Meet the Captains (Issue 1 2017)

Written on the 1 March 2017



Name: Harrison Morgan
Commenced at SHC: 2015
Position: Sports Captain
House: Chavion

Sport/s played for SHC: Football.

Favourite Role Model and why?:
Josh Kelly (GWS AFL player) because I love the way he plays.

Favourite Sporting team: Carlton FC.

Superstitions or pre game habits: 
Always first to reach the goal square in pre-game warm up.

Favourite pre game feed: Pasta.

Most memorable SHC sporting memory:
Winning the Knockout Grand Final in 2016 against PAC.

Tell us about Kilmore: 
It was one of the biggest highlights for me throughout the year as I made lifelong friends from Kilmore who I still keep in contact with now. Having so much in common with the Kilmore students assists in the relationship. The atmosphere the Kilmore Exchange supplies is electric, especially the debating and music performances. An experience I will treasure and remember for a long time.

Favourite quote OR What is the best advice you have been given: 
Winners never quit and quitters never win.




Name: Sophie Agostino
Commenced at SHC: 2015
Position: Sports Captain
House: Marian (Former member of Teresa)

Sport/s played for SHC: Netball, and had a run at Korfball last year.

Favourite Role Model and why?:
My favourite role model is Nat Medhurst (Australian netballer). She is such a great netballer. Plus she is short for a goalie (like me), and always works really hard for all her success.

Favourite Sporting team: 
Sacred Heart Open A, of course (and the 2016 Sydney Swifts).

Superstitions or pre game habits:
Before I play netball:
- I have to have a shower
- I have to have a straight ponytail
- I have to strap my right ankle first
- I have to put my right sock and shoe on first.

Favourite pre game feed: A good bowl of pasta and a banana.

Most memorable SHC sporting memory: 
Winning the Marist Netball Carnival in Sale in 2016.

Tell us about Kilmore: 
Kilmore is probably one of my favourite parts of the sports year! We have an annual exchange with our brother/sister school, Assumption College Kilmore in Victoria, and it is a massive intercollegiate competition where we go head to head in our first team sports, music, and debating.

We alternate hosting the exchange every year, and this year (my third experience) will be back in Kilmore. We get billeted out with students that are also playing our sport, and get to spend two nights and three days with our "new" families. It is so much fun meeting other students from a Marist school, and it is also great to see students showcasing their talents in front of both schools.

Favourite quote OR What is the best advice you have been given: 
Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.


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