Pastoral Care at the Senior School (Issue 10 2017)

Written on the 6 July 2017

Last Wednesday (28 June) Senior School students participated in the following activities during the weekly Pastoral Care lesson:

Year 10 students took part in a Time Management seminar run by Elevate Education (see above photo). The session provided students with helpful strategies to improve their study skills and time management. Please see the following link for some of the time management strategies that were discussed at the seminar.

Time Management - Student Activity Pack.pdf

Year 11 students attended a very powerful presentation by the White Ribbon Foundation on domestic violence. A full article about the session from Head of Senior School, Gail Morgan, can be found in this newsletter in the 'From the Head of Senior School' section.

Year 12 students took part in various House activities, including revision preparation for their trial exams, workshops on rights and responsibilities, and the Marian House Year 12s listened to former teacher, Chris McCabe, discuss the work she does with the Hutt St Centre.

These different seminars highlight the diversity and richness of activities that students are involved in during Pastoral Care lessons on a Wednesday morning. Heads of House have prepared summaries of next term's Pastoral Care program, which will be included as part of each students' report package handed out at the end of the term. Some of the activities planned include:

  • Road Awareness and Safety Training
  • Cyber Safety
  • Drug & Alcohol Education
  • Understanding the Law and Citizenship
  • Education on Refugees
  • Effective Revision & Motivation Strategies
  • Managing Stress
  • Self Defence Strategies
  • Youth Safety
  • Drug & Alcohol Education
  • Preparing for 'Life After School'.

Special thanks to the Heads of House who have spent considerable time in planning and preparing the Pastoral Care Program. It is a valuable experience for our students and we believe that we are providing them with some meaningful education to assist with the demands of Senior Secondary Schooling. Should you wish to discuss the Pastoral Care Program in more detail, please contact your relevant Head of House.

Alex Dighton
Director of Students



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