SHM Winter Terms 2 and 3 Uniform and Grooming (Issue 5 2017)

Written on the 6 April 2017

Thank you to parents/caregivers for ensuring that students have remained in correct uniform and neatly groomed in Term 1. The school holidays provides an opportunity to ensure that the winter uniform is made ready for Terms 2 and 3. It is a College expectation that students arrive and leave each day wearing the College blazer with their winter uniform. Students are not required to wear their blazer whilst wearing their PE uniform.

The holiday break also provides an opportunity for students to attend to haircuts so that they arrive on the first day next term well groomed. A reminder that should students at the Middle School choose a longer style of haircut, the length should be above the collar and neat.

We ask for your assistance in working with homeroom teachers in ensuring that students learn to wear the College uniform with pride. It should be noted however, that ultimately responsibility that students are in correct uniform and properly groomed lies with the student and parents/caregivers.

Information about the College uniform and grooming can be found in the Parent Handbook and on the College website.

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2017 Middle School Parent Handbook >

Joe Millemaci
Director of Students



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