Soccer (Issue 3 2017)

Written on the 31 May 2017

Soccer at the Middle School

The Sacred Heart soccer program is headed in the right direction. All teams are now training separately with no more than two teams training on any afternoon. This means that the boys (especially the Year 6 students) can get to know each other and form a cohesive team early in the season. Additionally, they now have a better coach to player ratio.

The trainings have been more organised, with a better implementation of the FFA national curriculum at trainings. With all the B teams adopting a 4 week cycle of one of the 4 core skills per session. We currently have 4 new old scholar coaches, Pete Syme, Matt Sullivan, Will Tam and Anthony Stoks. Have received some great feedback from both parents and students about how they have conducted themselves. The key to improving the program will be to up skill and develop these coaches.

This is the first year of having co-captains for each team. Congratulations to Luke Romano and Tyreece Conway (8/9A), Robert Rabbah and Lucah De Ieso (8/9B), Ryan Kastelyn, Kobe Tan, Adam Lee and Aiden Turner 8/9C and Lukas Kerak and James Ashworth (6/7A) who were voted by their peers.

On behalf of the College, I would like to thank the parents/caregivers for just how great they have been over the past few weeks. First and foremost is their behaviour on match day. Recently I talked to an American who recounted the horror stories of parents in his Seattle community hijacking junior sports and their behaviour on the sidelines.

It's been great to see the Sacred Heart parents be so supportive of the players and match officials. What this looks like is letting the players play. For a player's development as both a player and a person they need to make decisions themselves, not be constantly ordered about from the sideline. It's great to see that the SHCMS parents are only supportive and encourage. Please keep this up, it is really important that year 7-9 parents continue to set a positive example for the new Year 6 parents on appropriate behaviour.

Finally if you see Mr Jenner, Mr Rossi (6/7 Coordinators) or Mr Mechis (8/9 Coordinator) please thank them for how much they are doing for the program. A lot of work behind the scenes goes on to make sure trainings and games go well.

8/9C Soccer team lost 3-2 to Adelaide High
We were down 3-0 with 10 minutes left and scored 2 late ones. Testament to the boys not giving up and continuing to push for the goals. Ajay Iussa and Tomi Todorovic both played well. Thanks to Ryan Kastelyn and Dylan Fidge for filling in for the opposition.

Declan Jamieson
Soccer Coordinator 
Alex Mechis
Year 8/9 Coordinator



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