Swimming (Issue 1 2017)

Written on the 2 March 2017

Schools Relay Championships

On Thursday 23 February 2017, swimmers from both the Middle and Senior Schools, along with Marymount College combined to compete in the School Teams Swimming Championships held at the South Australia Aquatic and Leisure Centre.

This was the first time SHC has competed in this event and was joined by other schools including Immanuel College, Westminster College, Prince Alfred College, Trinity College and Walford College. This event was unique in its structure as it was purely relay events. Both boys and girls teams individually competed in Years 7/8, Years 9/10, and Years 11/12 events, as well as combined year level events for both freestyle and medley events.

Given the team nature of the competition, it was an entertaining night, particularly with the 'Mystery Medley' event. In this event, each team had six swimmers (two from each age group) swimming the medley strokes. With this, it was a 'mystery' as to what age groups and strokes each leg of the relay team would be competing against from the other schools. For example, a Year 12 swimming freestyle could be swimming next to a Year 7 swimming breaststroke. This made for very good viewing and a few tense moments.

As well as a fun night, it was a very successful night for our swimmers with the following results:

  • The Marymount girls winning the 7/8 girls competition;
  • The boys winning the 9/10 competition;
  • The girls winning the 9/10 competition;
  • The boys winning the 11/12 competition; and
  • Sacred Heart College winning the overall boys competition.

Congratulations to all of the swimmers involved and thank you to the parents who assisted in the smooth running of the night.

Deb King       
Year 9 Leader of Teaching and Learning/ Team Manager  
Robyn Sutherland
Transition Support Teacher/ Team Manager





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