Viewing Academic reports on the Parent Portal (Issue 14 2017)

Written on the 14 September 2017

One week after Academic Reports have been sent home with students, parents are able to access the Sacred Heart College Parent Portal to view these reports.

To do this, log in to the Parent Portal and select the ACADEMIC REPORTS tab for each child at the Senior School. This tab will need to be viewed individually for each child (switch between each child's profile).

If you are yet to register to gain access to the Parent Portal, this can be done by following the instructions below:

Accessing the Parent Portal
Parents are able to activate their portal account by using the following link:

The activation process will require parents to use the same email address that has been given to the College for communication purposes. More information on how to complete the activation process can be found here.

Once parents have completed the activation process, access to the parent portal can be achieved by using this link:

Alternatively visit the College website and navigate through the following:
SENIOR SCHOOL > FROM HOME > Parent Portal Login
Please Note: Depending on what browser you are using you may be prompted with a security warning. It is important to 'trust' or 'enable' the Edumate website.

For details regarding the information which is available in the Parent portal please refer to the following document:
Parent Portal User Guide

Bernadette Thorpe
e-Learning Coordinator



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