Year 9 Rite Journey (Issue 2 2017)

Written on the 22 February 2017

On Thursday 9 February, the Year 9 cohort gathered for the Calling Ceremony to officially launch the Rite Journey program for 2017. The Calling Ceremony is an opportunity for families, staff and students to recognise and celebrate the fact that the boys are in an exciting transitional stage of their lives. The morning provided an opportunity for families and staff to share breakfast together whilst the boys were asked to discuss with their parents/carers the idea of 'what it means to be a good young man?'

We were fortunate enough to have the founder of the Rite Journey, Andrew Lines, come along and be our guest speaker for the students, as well as parents and carers. Andrew touched on the significance of transition from childhood to adulthood and the various challenges that lay ahead for the students and their families. From a staff perspective it was heartening to see and be introduced to so many parents/carers, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles. The Calling Ceremony was the first official event of the Rite Journey program for 2017, with many more significant events coming up in the future.

A big thank you to all families for making time to celebrate this occasion. A special thanks must also go to the Norman family for supplying us with the eggs for breakfast! Finally thank you to the Year 9 and Rite Journey staff for helping out on this very successful morning. We are looking forward to a great year ahead!

Ben Dray
Year 9 Leader of Student Wellbeing



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