Life @ Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart College offers a very comprehensive range of extra curricular activities designed to cater for the needs of all students.


Mission  and  Cultural  Activities

Cultural pursuits include Computing, Debating, Choir, Drama, Mock Trials, Music, Public Speaking and the School Musical.  A Mission Experience program involving travel to India, Fiji and the Philippines is also included in the extra curricular program.  From time to time various overseas sporting and cultural exchanges also take place.  These are all an added cost for parents and students.

Students also have the opportunity to join Remar, a National Youth and Leadership Group, as well as the Social Justice Group, which engages in arrangement of community service activities.


Marist Mission March

Whole School Fundraising Celebration

The important purpose of the day is to raise money for our Marist Projects in India, the Philippines and Fiji.  The is the major fundraiser for the Immersion Team, and provides the College with a great sense of community..

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