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2016 e-Learning News #3 (Issue 7 2016)

Written on the 26 May 2016

This edition of the e-Learning newsletter contains information regarding some of the newest updates to Google's Calendar App. If you are a regular Google Calendar user you may have noticed some recent feature updates. Two updates are detailed below:

Update #1 Create Reminders
Google has added a Reminders feature to its Calendar App.

When you click in your Calendar to create an event, you now will see the option to create a Reminder

You have the ability to set the date and time of the reminder, as well as whether or not you wish to repeat the reminder.

You will receive a pop-up notification at the time specified for the reminder.


Reminders will move from one calendar day to the next until you have marked the reminder as done.

When reminders are marked as done they will appear at the top of your calendar as shown below:


To permanently remove the reminder, simply click on it and select delete.


Some points to note:
The reminder is private to the calendar owner. If you have shared your calendar with other people, they will be unable to view the reminders.
If you were a Google Tasks user, you will need to switch over to the Reminders feature. It can be enabled from the drop down menu on the Tasks calendar see below:

Update #2 Event locations
Event locations will now appear in the day and week Calendar views when using the web Calendar app. This removes the need to click on the event to see the event's location. A sample event with location is shown here:


Bernadette Thorpe
e-Learning Coordinator

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