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2016 SACE Merit Ceremony (Issue 1 2016)

Written on the 11 February 2016

On Tuesday 9 February, I had the privilege of attending the 2016 SACE Merit Ceremony at Government House. Special guests of this event included Dr Neil McGoran, Chief Executive of the SACE Board, His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le, Governor of South Australia, and the Honourable Susan Close, Minister for Education and Child Development.

Of course, the most "special" of special guests were the group of Sacred Heart students being recognised for their outstanding achievement and relentless work ethic in 2015. Students were presented in the following categories:

The Governor of South Australia Commendation
The Governor of South Australia Commendation acknowledges and celebrates overall excellence in the South Australian Certificate of Education. It recognizes excellent achievement in Year 12 subjects as well as success in developing the SACE capabilities of communication, learning, personal development, citizenship and work.

Each school in South Australia was invited to nominate only one student whom they considered would be a most worthy recipient of the award.

Out of more than 14,500 students who received the SACE in 2015, only 26 were selected to receive this prestigious award from the Governor of South Australia. Students were presented individually to the Governor to receive their Commendation.

Sacred Heart student, Brandon Le was nominated for this award. We are very proud of Brandon, and congratulate him on being awarded the Governor's Commendation.

Multiple Subject Merits
Students who received 2, 3 or 4 subject merits were presented to the Deputy Presiding Member of the SACE Board,
Mr Robert Debelle. We are very proud to celebrate the achievement of the students listed below:

Number of Merits Merit Student  Subject(s)
4 Phillip Amos Business and Enterprise, Economics, Mathematical Applications, Research Project B
3 Isabelle Price  Tourism, Research Project B, Workplace Practices (2014)
2 Matthew Camacho  Chemistry, Biology  (2014)
2 Matthew Campbell  Integrated Learning, Workplace Practices
2 Mason Crossman Chemistry, Biology  (2014)
2 Tyler Kelly Chemistry, Accounting  (2014)
2 Ruby Healey Modern History, Research Project B
2 Zoe Martini Modern History, Research Project B
2 Morgan Patterson Food and Hospitality, Research Project B
2 Bianca Tramaglino Visual Arts - Art, Research Project B
2 Jordan Wagner Biology, Chemistry 

Individual Subject Merits
Finally, every student who achieved a Merit in one subject received an individual presentation, based on Learning Areas. Again, we commend the achievement of the students listed below for their hard work and sacrifice last year:

No. of Merits Merit Student Subject(s)
1 Sarah Chigwidden
(Year 11)
Workplace Practices
1 Grace Edwards Research Project B
1 Millie Errington Food and Hospitality
1 Amber Flamank Research Project B
1 Monica Fundak Research Project B
1 Michael Gill Biology
1 Stella Goosay Psychology
1 Emily Green Research Project B
1 Scott Grieve Physical Education
1 Oliver Heaney  Religion Studies (2014)
1 Emily Hunter Workplace Practices
1 Riley Johns Research Project B
1 Abbey Jones  Research Project B
1 Taylor Kilpatrick
(Year 11) 
Japanese (continuers)
1 Ashleigh Langton  Research Project B
1 Kristen Martini
(Year 11) 
Modern History
1 Elise McCarty   Research Project B
1 Cooper McRae
(Year 11) 
1 Paris Montgomery  Research Project B
1 Monique Nolan Research Project B
1 Paris Osborne Research Project B
1 Michael Pivato Specialist Mathematics
1 Bridgette Price
(Year 10)
Workplace Practices
1 Kristen Redford Food and Hospitality
1 Zoe Russell-Von Bujdoss Research Project B
1 Imogen Scott  Research Project B
1 Madeleine Summerton Mathematical Applications
1 Jessica Viant  Research Project B
1 Eliza Watts Research Project B
1 Emily Young Research Project B


The Merit Ceremony was a wonderful celebration of the outstanding achievement of a terrific group of young men and women.

The Year 12 students of 2015 performed at an exceptional level with 78 students achieving an ATAR over 90 which places them in the top 10% of students in the State and also situates them in the top 10% of the nation. 9 students secured scores in excess of 99.0 which places them in the top 1% of the SACE cohort. This is truly outstanding!

Of the 304 students eligible for an ATAR, 25.7% achieved an ATAR over 90. In total, 126 of these students (41.4%) students secured an ATAR in excess of 80. I am sure you will agree, these are SACE results that we should all be very proud of!

We look forward to celebrating these achievements as a community at the annual Laureate Assembly, on Wednesday 17 February.

Daniel Lynch
Head of the Senior School


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