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2016 Year 12 Drama Production (Issue 10 2016)

Written on the 7 July 2016

The Year 12 Drama class presented A Night of British Comedy ... and something completely different! as their 2016 Drama production. The performances occurred over 3 nights, the 28 - 30th of June, and consisted of three unrelated pieces; two British comedies and one monologue by an American playwright.

The first of the comedies was the gentle and charming Mother Figure by Alan Ayckbourn. A frazzled and disassociated mother, Lucy responds to her concerned neighbours as if they were children. Consequently, her neighbours gradually revert to childhood whilst Lucy solves their marital problems.

The monologue Medea Redux by Neil LaBute was a modern re-imagining based loosely on the themes of the classic Greek tragedy, Medea. This 20 minute monologue was incredibly powerful, if somewhat confronting and intense and was beautifully performed by Emily Bryant.

Finally, Black Comedy by Peter Shaffer was a farce revolving around a blackout, stolen furniture, a love triangle and a poor artist trying to impress a deaf millionaire. It included a reverse lighting scheme (where the 'blackout' was presented in full lighting to reveal characters groping around blindly), larger than life characters and a lot of slapstick comedy.

Supported by a dedicated backstage crew, all students achieved optimal performances which were well appreciated by lively audiences. It is my great honour to work with such delightful and talented students and I thank God for this and the success of the Production.

Robyn Page
Drama Teacher





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