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2017 e-Learning News #4 (Issue 13 2017)

Written on the 31 August 2017

Welcome to the fourth e-Learning news article for 2017. In this edition we look at some of the reasons Sacred Heart College currently uses and continues to recommend the use of Chromebooks as the preferred student device.

Chromebooks have been designed for learning which makes them ideal for any classroom environment. Chromebooks are a durable device which boots up in 10 seconds.

Why choose a Chromebook?    
Chromebooks set up faster than a class can sit down. 

  • Automatic updates and built in multilayer security.
  • Simple for students and teachers to use and integrated with G Suite for Education and Google Classroom.

High achievers without the high price point.

  • Low cost device making a Chromebook truly accessible.
  • Chromebooks offer a 61% lower total cost of ownership than other devices.

Shapes and sizes for every learning need.

  • Versatile form factors which support a wide variety of learning needs.
  • Millions of available web apps help student to engage deeply and to build skills for the future.
  • Android apps beginning to roll out on selected devices.

Making a difference in and out of the classroom.

  • Easier to assign hands-on projects and encourage deeper skills development.
  • Helps teachers personalise learning, engage students and improve overall performance.
  • Students access all of their work from any device, simplifying organisation and allowing them to focus more on learning.

Chromebooks can be purchased via the Sacred Heart College Device portal by clicking on the following link: http://portal.lwt.com.au/shc

Bernadette Thorpe
e-Learning Coordinator



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