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2017 e-Learning News #5 (Issue 17 2017)

Written on the 9 November 2017

Welcome to the fifth e-Learning news article for 2017. In this edition we look at the increasing popularity of the use of Chromebooks throughout Australia and how Sacred Heart College was "ahead of the curve" four years ago when we decided to go down the Chromebook pathway.

During the past four years, Sacred Heart College has embarked upon a journey whereby students were initially given (at the Senior School), and then in subsequent years, asked to purchase a Chromebook to bring to school for use in the everyday classroom. In 2014, the Middle School independently arrived at the same decision and also introduced the Chromebooks school-wide. At the same time, we introduced all students and staff to the Google Suite of Educational Apps.

This journey has been challenging, exciting and was, back then, ground breaking to the South Australian schooling environment. Now in 2017, the Chromebook is becoming the device of choice for more and more schools within the Australian educational landscape.

I was excited to hear of an article in The Canberra Times newspaper on Monday 30 October.

The headline read: "All Canberra secondary public school students to get Chromebook in 2018."

The article discusses that fact that many schools in the ACT were already using the Google Suite of Educational Apps and a move to the Chromebook was the next logical step. This initiative will be totally funded by the State Government and provide around 17,000 students with a Chromebook at the start of the 2018 school year.

There were a number of sentences in the article which particularly stood out for me:
"This initiative will ensure every secondary student in Canberra public schools has the same access to a device to enhance their learning through technology."

"Irrespective of family circumstances, every student will have an equal opportunity to access technology so they can learn wherever they are and use technology whenever they need it."

"Chromebooks integrate seamlessly with these apps and will ensure all students are using a safe, secure and easily managed platform."

Technology is forever changing and developing, and a Chromebook allows students to delve into this ever-changing technology world in an easy and simple way.

Should you wish to read the entire article, click here.

Bernadette Thorpe
e-Learning Coordinator



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