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2017 Intercol SHC vs Rostrevor (Issue 5 2017)

Written on the 24 August 2017

94th annual Intercol

The annual Intercol is a sporting exchange between Rostrevor College and Sacred Heart College that commenced 94 years ago in 1923, the same year Rostrevor College was established. The rivalry forged then between our two schools continues today.

This year we were able to utilise our new facilities at the Senior Campus as the hosts of this excellent Exchange, and on Friday 4 August and Saturday 5 August, our students took to their chosen sport with ambition, drive and determination. There were many impressive performances, including demonstrations of athletic prowess and of commendable sportsmanship. The results and awards listed below provide a snapshot of the sporting battles that took place.

We sincerely thank all coaches, staff, parents and Old Scholars who were involved in the preparation of the Intercol, which would not have been possible without the help of all who contributed.

First XI: SHC 0 drew RC 0 (Medallist: Joel Smith)
Second XI: SHC 1 def RC 0 (Medallist: Marcus McInerney)
Third XI: SHC 3 def RC 1 (Medallist: Dominic Mayer)
10A: SHC 1 def by RC 11 (Medallist: Jack Spyker)
Middle A: SHC 0 def by RC 4 (Medallist: Luke Romano)
Middle B1: SHC 2 drw with RC 2 (Medallist: Ethan Kerrish)
Middle B2: SHC 1 def by RC 24 (Medallist: Will De Ritter)
Primary A: SHC 2 def by RC 4 (Medallist: Jai Shipton)

Open C: SHC 54 def RC 16 (Medallist: Jake Hywood)
Open B: SHC 57 def RC 12 (Medallist: Liam Chapman)
Open A: SHC 53 def RC 43 (Medallist: Hayden Meakes)
Middle C: SHC 33 def RC 18 (Medallist: Fletcher Wellington)
Middle B: SHC 31 def RC 26 (Medallist: Dane Bobinac)
Middle A: SHC 48 def RC 20 (Medallist: Will Wilkinson)

First XVIII: SHC 12.11 def RC 3.10 (Medallist: Wilson Otto)
Second XVIII: SHC 14.14 def RC 5.3 (Medallist: Tate Lovering)
Third XVIII: SHC 24.18 def RC 4.1 (Medallist: Patrick Fordham)
Year 10A: SHC def by RC by 35 points (Medallist: Tom Rooney)
Year 10B: SHC 24.12 def RC 1.0 (Medallist: Kyle Scott)
Year 9A: SHC 6.2 def RC 5.7 (Medallist: Xavier Robins)
Year 9B: SHC def RC (Medallist: Elijah Laube)
Year 8A: SHC 4.6 def by RC 6.6 (Medallist: Ed Faulkner)
Primary A: SHC 14.25 def RC 0.0 (Medallist: Bowen Payne)

Middle A: RC 24 def SHC 16 (Medallist: Jake Underwood)

Adam Rice
Middle School CEA Coordinator
Ali Trewartha
Senior School Boys Sport Coordinator 
Robert Gill
Senior School Football/ Cricket Coordinator

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