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431ACU Robotics Biv (Issue 5 2018)

Written on the 5 April 2018

From 23-25 March, over the span of 3 days and 2 nights, the majority of the Sacred Heart College 431 Army Cadet Unit took part in the Robotics Course.

During this course the cadets went through real life scenarios, using robots they had to specifically program, in order to transport rations, water and medical supplies along a small demo field. Two of the robots successfully traveled to the correct destination, whilst the remaining robot was unintentionally programed to become a 'battle bot' and took down the Opposing Forces robot, sacrificing itself.

In the span of this course, the cadets were taught how robots are currently being used and the future in the AAC (Australian Army Cadets) and the ADF (Australian Defence Force), including why they are potentially superior to humans. The cadets learnt how to program a robot to do many things, the main ones being traveling through a maze and difficult terrain, picking up and throwing objects and much more.

This course displayed strong teamwork and built many bonds. In order to successfully complete the tasks handed to them, the cadets had to work together and show good communication skills.

While the cadets were being taught robotics, the recruits were out learning about the things a cadet does while in the field. The recruits stayed outside and were slightly damp due to the rain on the last night. Though they also learnt navigation, some medical skills, initiative and gained the ability to blend in with their surroundings, enabling them to observe people and gather information.

"The biv was well planned out and I enjoyed meeting people from other units and learning about robotics." Cadet Alyssa Vincenzi
"Fun and I want to do it again." Cadet Eadi Venning-Smith
"The truth is that teamwork is the heart of great achievement." Cadet Megan Blyth
"It was an amazing opportunity to learn things that we wouldn't be able to in our normal lives." Lance Corporal Zoe Hyde
"It was so much fun." Recruit Noah Hyde
"I learnt so many things and made heaps of friends." Recruit Ben Hyde

Cadet Megan Blythe
Marymount, 9 Thunderbirds

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