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60th SHC/ACK Kilmore Exchange (Issue 3 2016)

Written on the 30 August 2016

On Friday 19th August, 2016 the gates of Sacred Heart College opened to welcome approximately 150 students from our fellow Marist school, Assumption College, arriving from Melbourne for the 60th annual ACK-SHC Exchange. As buses packed with Assumption students entered the school, a sense of excitement and healthy rivalry filled the school. Once the school day finished, it was time for the Sacred Heart students to meet their billets and take them home for the next two nights. It was at this moment that new bonds were formed or old friendships were rekindled, and would shape the memories of this Exchange.

Later that Friday night, it was time for the netballers to showcase their abilities in a fierce battle under the lights of Priceline stadium. The game carried much impetus as the two sides went head to head at the Marist carnival earlier in the year, which saw our girls narrowly take the win over the Assumption girls. The first quarter started with a relatively tight score line but inspirational turnovers from our defensive line, particularly Bec Allchurch, got the girls in front, and saw the girls storm home to take the win quite convincingly. The game was played in true Marist Spirit, with great support from both schools as they cheered strongly for the girls. Congratulations go out to Sophie Agostino, who shot magnificently and was recognised as the best player for the game.

After a big Friday night at the Netball, Saturday allowed students to have a rest and show their billets around the sights of Adelaide. Many of the boys had a tour of the prestigious grounds at Adelaide Oval, whilst many others showed their billets what the city has to offer. Throughout the day, the students became closer with not only their billet, but mingled with many other students of Assumption College, creating lasting friendships.

Saturday night stood out as the highlight of the Exchange as we experienced the musical brilliance of both schools. Sacred Heart started the night off strongly, with the stage band performing modern hits exceptionally well, recognised by an enthusiastic audience. The choir sang in perfect harmony as they performed a number of songs. A particular mention to Nastassia Beatrice, who showcase her incredibly strong voice, which was complemented by well-trained backing singers. To finish off our stellar musical performances, the Jazz Ensemble gave us a sneak peak of the up and coming musical Hairspray, with Danni Rosa as the lead singer which left the audience wanting more. Our dancers showed us how it's done, with two very entertaining performances. The crowd was left in awe of the talent that lies at Sacred Heart College.

Following the musical performances, the debaters took the stage as they set off to argue, "Sport has lost its way". The audience was instantly encapsulated as they displayed their fine use of language, with both schools feeling the pressure of the opposing argument. Our three speakers spoke very well and flew the flag for the College, taking the win in true Marist spirit. Congratulations to our last speaker, Maxwell Hill, who rounded up our argument extremely well and was awarded Best Speaker for the night.

The Assumption musicians finished the evening with great performances, which had the crowd up on their feet. Saturday night was definitely a highlight for many of the students and crafted many memories that we are sure won't be forgotten.

Sunday was the day of competitive rivalry as students attempted to get their team over the line. The boys' basketballers started the day off early, with our talented players showing Assumption why they are the State-wide champions. With the boys sinking shots from all over the court and dominating with defensive rebounds and intercepts, the Assumption team could not get close to our well-oiled basketballers. Congratulations to Isaac White, who was awarded best player of the Sacred Heart team.

The girls' basketball was up next. Assumption got off to a commanding start, but our basketballers hung in there and embraced the challenge. Captain, Jade Bryant showed her speed and class as she matched up against some of Victoria's best. The Assumption team was too good and came home with the win. To the credit of the SHC girls, they never gave up and fought hard until the end. Well done to co-captain Renee Hanley for being awarded best player.

The girls soccer was an intense battle but saw the SHC girls dominant for much of the game. The girls showcased their talent, in particular key player Grainne Henry, who played a pivotal role in the win, scoring three out of four of the goals. Despite the absence of captain and star player Eloise Steer, the SHC girls showed the depth in their team coming out on top of the ACK girls with a win 4-0. The defensive line, in particular Jamie-lee Caruso and midfielder, Gemma McFarlane, were influential in denying the Assumption team any chance for a goal. Grainne Henry's incredible performance, very deservingly saw her awarded best player.

Our boys' soccer team came out all guns blazing to prove their line-up to be just as strong as last year. Captain, Buster Upton, showed his experience and class, whilst leading the boys in a fine manner. Our Hearts boys left leaving nothing on the field, kicking a total of six goals to Assumptions one. The boys showed both schools our strength on the soccer pitch, with standout player Anthony Caruso being awarded our best player. Congratulations Anthony!

The battle between the schools continued on the hockey pitch, as Assumption came out hard, scoring the first goal of the match. Our hockey girls responded well scoring three goals by halftime. The scores were tight at half time with only one goal in it, but the second half saw our girls dominate to score three more goals, finishing the game 6-2. The high calibre of players, with Emma De-Brough, Josie Byrne, Karlee Smith and Ursula Taylor scoring the goals got the girls up to win for the first time since 2009. Special mention to Emma De Broughe for being awarded most valuable player.

The hotly contested sprint race, once again brought out our finest athletes as they competed to win the 100m sprint. The girls started us off, with three of our finest girls going head to head with the talented ACK girls. Alice Priestley showed her outstanding form as she used her quick stride to out-run the girls and finished well with a convincing win. Our speedy boys showed the Assumption runners who's best, as Jack Norris bolted towards the finish line claiming first with Kyle Roberts finishing a close second.

Half time of the footy brought about the 3x200m relay for both the boys and the girls. Alice Priestley started the girls off strong putting them in the lead by the second change over, Chloe Baldwin did exceptionally well to maintain the lead but a close last leg with runner Sian Bradley running a great leg, despite falling just short of first in what seemed like a photo finish. The boys relay started off incredibly fast, with Jack Norris tucking in behind the ACK runner, before belting past him to take the lead going into the second changeover. The lead kept increasing as both the second (Harry Ruth) and third runners showed their speed and left Assumption behind, with Kyle Roberts finishing off extremely strongly, winning with a very convincing lead.

Finally, it was time for the footy to begin. James Rowe set the game up well, kicking three goals in the first quarter, allowing the boys to establish dominance early in the game. The boys were well led by Captains Alex Martini and Mitch Hinge, playing their role for the team as they continued to stretch the lead as the game progressed. Mr Goodrich's team showed the Assumption boys their fine form and endurance to forcefully take the win. Congratulations to Xavier Redden, who played very well, receiving best player for the SHC side.

The success of the weekend would not have occurred if it wasn't for the amazing families of Sacred Heart College, welcoming the students of Assumption College into their homes. We would like to say a huge thank you to all the families who participated; it is so much appreciated, as we acknowledge the inability for this Exchange to occur without your help. To all the coaches and team managers from both schools, thank you so much for all your dedication and hard work put towards your teams to help them achieve their goals within the Exchange, and also throughout the year. We would also like to thank all those staff who contributed to the Exchange in any way, it definitely does not go unnoticed.

A special to thank the work of Luke Hildyard and Amanda Reichelt, who did a phenomenal job in making the 60th ACK-SHC Exchange a truly memorable experience. Your hard work and dedication is exceptional and we sincerely appreciate the amount of time taken to make it such a wonderful experience. To our sports coordinators, Alex Penhall, Emily Williams, Robert Gill and Ali Trewartha, we thank you for the time and effort you have also put into this Exchange and recognise the role you both have played behind the scenes to contribute to this great success.

We would also like to acknowledge the excellent work performed by Paul Morgan and his Grounds Force team, Liam Crocker and his Operations Team, and the Health Care Centre staff who helped keep the athletes fit and well. Thanks also to Mary Labozzetta, Judy O'Dea, Karyn Mesecke, SHC Food Tech students and the Parents and Friends group, who assisted with the range of catering that occurred over the weekend. We thank the Immersions Teams, led by Daniel Head, for organising the memorabilia for the 60th Exchange and running the food and drinks stalls at the Exchange Hub.

Lastly, to all the athlete's, debaters or musicians who participated over the weekend in the 60th SHC-ACK Exchange, you all did an incredible job and represented both schools in a respectable manner. Congratulations on the way that each participant conducted themselves within the Marist Spirit, and the great sportsmanship that was displayed on and off the field or court. The friendships and bonds that were established over the course of the weekend are worth treasuring as they are unique to both schools and have been built on memories that are unlikely to be forgotten. The 60th ACK-SHC Exchange was a remarkable experience that we were both so proud to be a part of, and we look forward to seeing Assumption over at Kilmore in 2017.

Congratulations again to all involved for such a successful weekend!

Sarah Chigwidden and Ben Barratt
2016 Sports Captains


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