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All Things Music... (Issue 10 2016)

Written on the 8 July 2016

Over the past few weeks the Music Department at the Middle School has been alive and vibrant with lots of wonderful musical experiences and performances being provided to the students. Some of these included the Ensemble Music Evening and Instrumental Music Evenings. These opportunities set the tone for what has been a successful semester in the student's musical growth.

The Ensemble Music Evening held on Thursday of Week 8 in the Marist Hall showcased our very talented music students, who performed to a welcoming audience of family and friends. There was a wide range of musical performances from our College ensembles including the Studio Band, Drum Line, Drum Corp, Rock Bands, Guitar Ensembles, Woodwind Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Vocal Ensembles and Groove Squad. Each of the performances were of a high standard and showcased the hard work and talent of our boys. The students performed very well and displayed excellent musicianship and stage presence. They should be proud of their efforts and achievements. The evening was also an opportunity for the Performing and Visual Arts and Language faculties lead by Kate Fallon to present displays of learning from their various classes. A special thank you to Jody Keller and Stefanie Vidoni and the catering team for preparing the food and refreshments for the evening. The Ensemble Music Evening was a great success. Thank you to all the parents for their ongoing support of the boys in the lead up to the Music Evening. Further, the students are to be commended on their efforts. Finally thank you to the Middle School staff, instrumental teachers and ensemble directors for their support and continued guidance of the boys for what was a very rich musical experience.

The instrumental students have also been performing in various Instrumental Music Evenings this term during Weeks 7 and 9 in the Music Performance Centre. Concerts included Drum students taught by Paul Lewis, Neil Christopher's Guitar students and finally Antonietta Caruana's Vocal students.  This was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience for all of the students as they were able to perform in front of their family and friends and showcase all their hard work over the semester.  It is really important for the boys to work towards a solo or ensemble performance as it gives their instrumental lessons and practice a purpose.  Even though it was the first time some of the students performed a solo, they all calmed their nerves and performed extremely well.  They should be very proud of their achievements. I would especially like to thank all of the instrumental staff for all the time and effort they put in to preparing for the concerts.  It is greatly appreciated by myself and all of the boys. 

All of the performance opportunities and experiences offered to the students are fundamental to their development as musicians and enables them to celebrate their hard work and talent, as well as gaining confidence in their performance skills. Our boys are an inspiration as we see their growth in confidence and ability and their incredible capacity to excel.

Meagan Kozlowski
Performing Arts Coordinator Instrumental and CEA Music



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