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Badminton (Issue 2 2017)

Written on the 13 April 2017

Term 1 Badminton season

The first half of the badminton season was amazing, only losing one game to a talented St Peter's outfit. The team was strong together and performed well consistently. The coach Emily Upton led well and provided very helpful advice to all of the players. Number 1 talent, Josh Lewis, was outstanding, proving to be a good role model to everyone and providing consistent performances throughout the term. The team came across some tough challenges and some close games, but it didn't change the way they went about playing. Overall, the team is happy with their performance in the first half of the season and can't wait for the next half.

  • Josh Lewis played at the number one spot and proved that he deserves to be there week in week out.
  • Lucas Owers, at the number 2 spot, has a good ability to move his opponent around the court. Doing well under pressure, he provided wins to the team.
  • Austin Brigmanis played at the number 3 spot, with a high intensity gameplay style and good talent to match it. He proved to be a worthy opponent.
  • Daniel Kennedy, at a solid number 4 spot, was undefeated until the last game. He had some big wins, but also put in the effort to be a good team player.
  • Joshua Dunn played at the number 5 spot. With some good wins, I improved immensely throughout the term and can't wait to get playing again.
  • Jordan Hunter played at the number 6 spot with an unpredictable gameplay style. He was hard to beat, and playing consistently, he racked up some good wins.
  • Daniel Pope, at the number 7 spot, also has a great ability to move his opponent around the court. He was viable asset to the team.
  • And last but not least, Alex Giltowski played at the number 8 spot with good talent. He racked up some wins and is excited to get back on the court.

Joshua Dunn
Badminton team member



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