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Boys Badminton (Issue 2 2018 Sport)

Written on the 12 April 2018

Open C Badminton

Badminton Term 1 was a very successful season, the C team winning 4 out of the 6 matches and losing the others very marginally. Player numbers were not an issue this season, to the extent that students were placed on a roster system, where some would play one week and others the next. This meant no team was exactly the same each week, which gave students a chance to test their skills in the doubles matches with new partners, allowing them to compare and improve their game constantly.

Students were also given a chance to play a wide variety of positions, ranging from 1st to 8th position, which also gave them an opportunity to develop their play-style against different opponents, where every loss was a learning curve and every win was a little incentive to keep improving. Students were very focused and eager to learn new skills at training, even when we were doing fitness! These new skills were put into action in the games, where everyone did their absolute best and nobody ever gave up till the end.

All students showed outstanding sportsmanship and a few of the students when matched with an opposition who were fairly new to the game, instead of beating them easily, gave them a few tips and coached them, displaying values that family and teachers would be proud of. Overall, a fantastic season, with a great group of students, who were all constantly improving every week. Hopefully next season more students will become involved with badminton and a third team can be created!

Alex Benn
Badminton Coach


Open B Badminton

Last year the Open B team was fortunate to have a member from Badminton SA as the team coach in Term 1. With the skills and tactics learned from the coach last year, the team was able to finish the games with a high note. There were 6 rounds of games in Term 1. Each week 8 players were rostered to play the games on Saturday morning. All the players in the team showed their dedication with 100% attendance. Sometimes the opponent teams were not able to have a full roster show up for the games, which was disappointing.

After a challenging start against St Peter's in Round 1, the team managed to progress the rounds with enthusiasm, winning all the remaining 5 rounds against St Ignatius A (10:2), St John's (9:3), Nazareth (9:3), St Ignatius B (11:1) and Westminster (7:5). It is pleasing to see that the players were able to reflect on their own games and try to improve or change their gameplay. During the briefings in between rubbers the players were able to give more specific details about their own strengths and weaknesses, so as their opponents. Sometimes the players would be able to change their strategies and turn a 0:1 or a 1:1 match to a 2:1 win in the end, which was pleasing to see.

All things considered it was a successful Team 1 and hopefully the team spirit can be carried over to Term 4 when the games start again.

Kelvin Ching
Badminton Supervisor


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