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Boys Basketball (Issue 6 2018) Sport

Written on the 1 November 2018

Year 10 Knockout
Despite the boys team only being able to compete together for two games and one training per week, it was great to see how the boys developed as individuals and as a group on and off the basketball court. There was talent within the group from the very start and it was made clear that the very best would be competing, which, as a result included some of the Year 8/9 boys from the Middle School. Mitch Wilkinson (Year 8), Jack Curran, Cian Hutchinson and Lewis Stratford (Year 9), although all younger than the group, played key roles on both ends of the floor to assist in the team's success.

It was the Year 10's (Oscar Lade, Jonathon Martin, Joel Saunders, Rhys Strachan, Ethan Tooth-Richards and Will Wilkinson) who took the responsibility of leading the team on the floor, whether it was through their directions or their actions. These were the boys who could always be trusted if the team needed a defensive stop or big play offensively.

The group beat Brighton and were put up against a very strong Nazareth team and valiantly defeated by a group that have the potential to win the competition. The boys were strong through adversity in their time together and all have bright futures ahead of their basketball careers. I am very excited to continue to see their progression through the Sacred Heart basketball program and am thankful for the opportunity to coach this talented group of young men.

Finn Shead
Basketball Coach


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