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Canteen Roster (Issue 10 2016)

Written on the 8 July 2016

Monday 1 August
Gabby Bates
Debbie Matthews

Tuesday 2 August
Sue Bailey
Jenny O'Connor

Wednesday 3 August
Carolyn Constable
Melissa Paprota
Chantelle Bermingham

Thursday 4 August
Julie Schar
Cathy Keogh

Friday 5 August
Bridgid Martin
Anna Garcia
Shelley Druce

Monday 8 August
Alison Hunter

Tuesday 9 August
Kylie Bullock

Wednesday 10 August
Kathy Mangelsdorf
Shauna Jenkinson

Thursday 11 August
Emma Martin
Sharon Kelton

Friday 12 August
Cherie Wilson
Eve Mac

Hours: 10:30 am - 1:30 pm (approximately)
Many thanks for your generous offers of help. While it is very important you attend on your rostered days, if because of sickness or some other cause, you cannot attend I would appreciate you trying to arrange a substitute yourself. However, if this is not possible, please ring Robyn Flowers, Canteen Manager at the Middle School on 8275 5929.


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