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Dance at Sacred Heart (Issue 9 2017)

Written on the 22 June 2017

Senior Dance Night
On Wednesday 7 June, the Senior Dance Night was held in the Br Stephen Debourg Centre. This night was a chance for the three Senior Dance classes to demonstrate their performance skills to an audience (family and friends) as well as share the work they have been doing this semester.

The Year 10 Dancers performed two class pieces and then presented their 'Dance for Film' videos with the audience. These were choreographed, filmed and edited by each group and proved to be a highlight of the term.

The Stage 1 class presented their two class dances and then their 'Group Choreographies'. Each group was responsible for their own theme, choreography, costumes and music. The themes varied from 'issues with social media' to 'paranoia' and 'good versus evil'.

The Stage 2 Class also performed on the night, presenting a sneak preview of a contemporary dance they will present at their Moderation Performance (Term 3). Stage 2 Dance student Savannah Cleary performed her Choreography 'Pompeii' with dancer Lauren Murphy. This piece explored the eruption of Mt Vesuvius and the catastrophic consequences for the nearby towns.

The evening was a true showcase of our wonderfully talented dancers. It was lovely to also see the high level of professionalism and support of each other behind the scenes. Thank you to all our family and friends (and staff) who supported us on the night.

Year 10 Dancers visit Marymount College
On Friday 16 June, the Year 10 Dance class were fortunate to be the 'special guests' at the Marymount College Year 9 Dance Assembly. This whole school assembly was a showcase of the work the Year 9 Dancers have been doing, so we felt privileged to have been invited. It was definitely the biggest audience our Year 10 Dance class had performed to, but they did a magnificent job.

We thank Ms Alex Tilley for the chance to perform and the Marymount School and for the warm welcome. We hope this is the beginning of many collaborative opportunities!

Louise Durrans
Dance Teacher



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