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Debating (Issue 10 2016)

Written on the 7 July 2016

Debating Round 3

The third round of the Debating SA competition presented our Senior Team with the challenging task of affirming the proposition "That Artificial Intelligence is a risk to humanity."  The result was a close decision awarded to our opponents, Blackwood High, who produced well developed rebuttal.  For Sacred Heart, Charley Hillier as 1st Speaker displayed lucid definition and team split, supported by clearly delineated arguments. In her first Senior debate, Mariana Moniz as 2nd Affirmative showed strong team method and relevant elaboration of key points.  Sharlyn Burdon produced insightful rebuttal and efficient summary as 3rd Speaker.  The Adjudicator commended our students on the quality of their research and the organisation of their case. Lili France confidently chaired the debate.

The Year 10 Team showed the benefit of thorough preparation and improved team method in their close encounter with Pembroke. Despite the narrowest of losses, Ashley Lleshi, Austin McLure, and Thomas Fritz made a strong case for the proposition "That Australia Day should be called Invasion Day." Significant development in rebuttal was also demonstrated by the boys, with Ashley establishing a strong foundation for his team's case in his debut as 1st Affirmative Speaker.

John Kelly
Debating Coordinator


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