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Debating (Issue 8 2016)

Written on the 10 June 2016

As the CEA Program's Debating season begins, implementation of the Australian Curriculum appears to have had mixed implications for Debating this year: on the one hand, we have observed, despite the outstanding success of our teams in public competition, fewer students nominating  for  this activity; on the other, it could be expected that the new curriculum would offer further incentive and opportunity for students to develop skills directly relevant to academic endeavour and success, as well as personal and social growth. It is to be hoped that more students will come to recognise the integral connection of Debating with their studies and development, rather than regarding it as a competitor for their time and commitment; and that this realisation will begin before their arrival at the Senior campus.  Many of our debaters have been excellent all-rounders in a range of activities.

Round 1:
Our Senior and Year 10 teams opened the season in the Debating SA competition with a win and a loss, respectively.

For the Seniors, Lili France, Sharlyn Burdon and Max Hill successfully opposed the proposal 'That we should repeal Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act' against Adelaide High School. Lili was named Best Speaker; Sharlyn made an impressive debut and Max rebutted the Affirmative's points and summed up our case effectively in his first performance as third speaker. A promising start to the season!

The Year 10 Team contained three first-time debaters: Nathanial Fleming, Ryan Klaffer and Thomas Fritz, who affirmed that 'It is crunch time for Apple and the FBI.' Though the team was outpointed by the Maths and Science School, the boys will benefit from the experience and the encouraging advice given by the Adjudicator. Their willingness to improve their skills is most commendable.

Our coaches this year are Mrs Meredith Jones, Mrs Ann Von Bujdoss, Ms Veronika Von Bujdoss and Mr John Kelly. Parental support is most welcome at debates, the schedule for which is available on the Debating SA website.

John Kelly

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