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Dominic's story (Issue 3 2016)

Written on the 10 March 2016

This week's story is about Dominic who is from Papua New Guinea. Dominic participated in a Caritas funded project that trains people to run 'community conversations' within their Villages to create solutions to some of their community problems. In Dominic's village, the problems related to alcohol, low income and disrespectful relationships within families including family violence. Through Dominic's leadership his community identified ways families can work together, solve arguments and communicate with each other more respectfully.

The project wouldn't be possible without money raised by Caritas' Project Compassion.
View the video of Dominic's story here:

Find out more about Papua New Guinea where Dominic lives:

Families provide a child's first, ongoing and most important experience of love, faith and learning.
What is your child's experience of love, faith and learning in your family?
Consider this:
How do you work together as a family to get jobs done, solve problems or settle arguments?
What are your family's traditions for expressing love and celebrating each other on your birthdays or other special days?
Family conversations:
Talk with your child about ways we show respect for each other when we communicate, settle arguments or work together to do the household chores.
What are the ways we show how much we love each other?
What are the ways we work together to solve a problem?
Pray together:
Merciful God, we thank you for the changes in Dominic's life and community. May we learn, like Dominic, that we have a lot of power within to change ourselves and work for change in our community. In our love for you, may we love mercy, act justly and walk humbly. Amen.
Plan together:
Hold a 'family conversation' to consider some ideas to raise funds for Caritas Australia's Project Compassion 2016

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