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Enhancing Catholic School Identity Project (Issue 13 2017)

Written on the 31 August 2017

The 'How To' Guide for completing the Charism Survey: Parent Edition

As part of a Marist Schools Australia initiative, Sacred Heart College has been selected as one of three trial schools in the country to complete the Charism Research Survey. The purpose of this research trial is to gain meaningful insight into the formulation of questions that enables a school community to express its spiritual identity. Staff, students and parents within our school community are invited and encouraged to complete the survey.

The Marist Brothers (Province of Australia) has been working with KU Leuven, the Catholic University in Leuven, Belgium, to explore the creation of a 'Charism Scale" that is focused on measuring the 'spiritual tradition' of Marist and Marist Associated schools in Australia. The purpose behind this exploration is to see if it is possible to empirically measure the 'spiritual tradition' of a particular Marist or Marist Associated school, and in this way, provide valuable information about this to the school leadership for their consideration.

The term 'Charism' is a theological term that tries to describe how a particular group express their way of living the message of the gospel. The 'Marist' spiritual tradition tries to live the message of the gospel through the creation of a 'family spirit', by being attentive to the needs of others (being an attentive presence), enhancing the critical thinking skills of young people, accompanying young people to discern the spiritual side of life and enabling them to come to their own personal faith stance, seeing the sacred within the secular, and being open to each other through a spirit of genuine dialogue.

The survey period is open until Friday 29 September 2017. Taking the surveys will take approximately 30 minutes. Your participation is anonymous and your personal data is treated with confidentiality in accordance with all applicable laws. Your personal results can only be viewed by you and this can be done once the questionnaires are completed.

As you make your way through the surveys, keep these best practices in mind:

  • Read the questions carefully, think for a moment, and then answer spontaneously. Your responses are most valuable if you respond swiftly according to the first thing that comes into your mind. Don't overanalyse the survey questions or your answers.
  • You are invited to respond to each question by choosing a position on the scale. Wherever you choose to place your response it will always be a combination of the options presented at both ends.
  • The closer you move towards either of the alternative options, the more that option will be in the mix.
  • If the question doesn't apply, or if you disagree with both alternate options, or if you believe they are 'false' opposites, then tick the box "neither of these alternatives".

  • Don't be concerned if you get the impression that some questions seem repetitive. Please notice that subtle nuances and variations are worked into the formulations.
  • Don't be concerned either if some questions don't seem to capture your particular experience or point of view. The survey questions are standardised yet part of a multi-variate, interconnected structure, designed to capture the subtle differences between individuals and to express each respondent's uniqueness adequately in terms of the typologies that ECSIP uses to describe Catholic identity.
  • Please be honest and consistent with your responses.

Logging in
1. Go to www.schoolidentity.net
Enter the case-sensitive password: Ghj654
Click "Login".

2. To continue, click the  button.

3. If you begin with the surveys, register by clicking "New user". If you are already registered, you can continue a previous session by entering your personal Login and Password.

4. In the Select the group you belong to section, click on the drop down menu and select Sacred Heart College Adelaide and press next.

You are now logged in. On the screen is displayed your unique User Code and Password (case-sensitive).

Save this information in one of three different ways by clicking the icons: to print, email to yourself or save as PDF on your computer. Use this information to re-enter the website at a later time.

Taking the questionnaires

5. Now that you have recorded your User Code and Password for future use, you are ready to begin answering the questionnaire. The survey consists of several parts. You begin by indicating your professional role ("as a teacher, a lecturer or a member of the administrative or support staff" or "as a member of a Catholic Education Office") and then answer other profile questions related to your cultural background and philosophical or religious beliefs and practice. You will then arrive at the 'Main questionnaire page'. Please make your way through the remaining questionnaire.

6. At the conclusion of the charism questionnaire you are invited to answer the three evaluation questions.

Thank you for your participation!

James Gill
Director of Marist Mission



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