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Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (Friday 23 June) (Issue 10 2017)

Written on the 6 July 2017

On Friday 23 June, we celebrated this special day after which our College is named. It was lovely to share Mass with a number of Marist Brothers who have a special connection with our community. The School Leaders and Marist Captains led the school through this celebration and we listened to wonderful music from the Liturgical Band, which consisted of students from both campuses.

Here is an excerpt from the Mass:

"In a world filled with war, acts of terrorism, oppression of the most vulnerable in our world and closed borders, God gives us new hope in ourselves. We can learn from His Sacred Heart that together, with Him, we are capable of love and forgiveness.

Jesus lived in poverty and was part of a minority people living under discrimination and persecution. Early in life he lived as an immigrant in a foreign land. He suffered the criticism and ridicule of his own religious leaders. Many people wanted his help but did not really believe in him. A disciple friend betrayed him with a kiss. Another denied him. The rest disappeared when he needed them most. He suffered all the imaginable tortures of his time including crucifixion itself.

His response: "Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing."

He saw the worst of humanity and yet continued to not only believe in it but in his own humanity showed us a new and loving response; forgiveness.

Look at this Sacred Heart closely. It has a cross and thorns and is pierced by a lance. It also burns with loving forgiveness. There is nothing any of us can do or have done that can change that heart. God does and will always love us and when we begin to believe that, everything changes. We change. We forgive. We live."

Tamara Smith
Director of Marist Mission



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