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Football (Issue 3 2017)

Written on the 31 May 2017

Year 8 Football season starts on a high

Year 8A Football
Game 1 Saturday 13 May vs Rostrevor at SHC

SCORE - SHC 13.6-84 defeated Rostrevor 1.1-7
In the first quarter ROCS came out giving it their all - were first to the ball and controlled the game for the first 5 minutes and had the first two scores. SHC lifted their intensity to play better quality football with Van Jaarsvel and Faulkner exerting strong attack on the ball with SHC putting the next 6 goals on the board. The second quarter had ROCS with the breeze and going to scoring end, the backs were well led by Paprota and Argent rebounding strongly. Ryan, Vizarri and Faulkner good in mid field and Dewhurst providing a good target up forward. Third quarter and a slight breeze to the SHC end, ROCS came out fierce again showing a lot of attack and hard footy. To SHC's credit they did not take a backward step. Owens' getting clever touches in the middle, Vizarri good in the backline and Van Jaarsvel marking everything across the back line. Some good individual efforts from Barrett and Lambert. Unfortunately Greneugal was taken off with a suspected broken nose. Fourth quarter and with the intensity and warm conditions taking its toll it was looking like a game of fatigue. SHC hanging in right to the end playing good strong footy.
Goals: Van Jaarsvel 3, Dewhurst 2, Van Kempen 1, B Giles 1, Ryan 1, Paprota 1, Kitto 1, Lambert 1, Owens 1, Bull 1.
Best: Faulkner, Van Jaarsvel, Ryan, Owens, Van Kempen.

Game 2 Saturday 20 May vs St Ignatius at St Ignatius
SCORE - SHC 7.8-50 defeated St Ignatius 2.1-13

Ignatius came out of the blocks fast and controlled the ball for the first half of the quarter, SHC tried hard with Faulkner strong in the middle, Tom VJ tough at half forward and Owens classy of the half back line. It was an even contest at quarter time and Iggy's playing the better footy - their tackling and marking better than ours. A few changes to the line-up, Paprota to full forward, Stewart to CHF and Tom VJ to CHB made a difference and Dewhurst to Ruck. Bull to HFF and ruck roving worked and he was clever in his ability to win the ball, Paprota fantastic at FF, not getting the goals but playing his role well. Small forwards the key with Lambert getting a clever one. Third quarter and with SHC in front by a few, Iggy's would not give SHC the ascendancy. Iggy's playing good footy and just not being able to capitalise, SHC's stronger list to the 18th player on the fielding being the difference. Vizarri dominating off the half back line, Ryan providing clever ball use to the fat side of the ground and Foot showing so class in open space. McAuliffe being clever in the forward line, Jamison putting himself in the right spot and kicking VIP goal. In the fourth quarter SHC needed to dig deep with Iggy's continuing to tackle well. To SHC's credit they poured on the pressure and kept moving the ball forward, finally getting some of the ball movement that makes them such a good team. Stewart starting to be influential, Kitto, Lambert and the small forwards kept the ball moving. A tough, hard fought win!
Goals: Dewhurst 1, Lambert 1, Owens 1, Bull 1, Fitzgerald 1, B. Giles 1, Stewart 1.
Best: Vizzari, Owens, Faulkner, Foot, Dewhurst.

Game 3 Saturday 27 May vs St Peters at SHC
SCORE - SHC 5.4-34 defeated St Peters 4.8-32

St Peters kicked to the southern end with a healthy breeze and had the majority of the play in the first quarter, but failed to capitalise on all their play, kicking 1 goal 5 behinds for the quarter. Paprota excellent at full back, Faulkner and Aargent good around the ground. Second Quarter and with the breeze, SHC started to get its run going. Aargent and Faulkner good again with Shinnick, Owens and B. Giles providing plenty of ball into the forward line. St Peters' height continued to prove a challenge for SHC who were missing a couple of talls. Third quarter and into the breeze SHC played some of its best football for the year. Argent in everything at half forward or in the middle. Faulkner played an unselfish defensive game across the half back line. Dewhurst providing good use of the ball, McAuliffe showing plenty up forward and kicking a cheeky one. Fourth quarter and with a breeze, the expectation was SHC would run away, however St Peters continued to challenge with their talls controlling the play. SHC were dogged and with every player on the field contributing and doing something that eventually held off a strong finishing St Peters. A great team effort!
Goals: Boydon 1, Bull 1, Stewart 1, B. Giles 1, McAuliffe 1.
Best: Aargent, Faulkner, Shinnick, Paprota, B. Giles.

Week 1 Football 8B
On Saturday 6 May, the B's played St Michaels at St Michael's College, successfully winning with 12 goals and 13 points to 2 goals and 3 points. The boys who kicked goals were Johnny Bates 1, Liam Bennets 1, Liam Foot 3, Isaac Gillard 1, Edward McCabe 1, Austin Quinn 1, Jackson Rafael 2, Brandon Smith 1 and Owen Thrussell 1. Best play were on the day were named as Liam Foot, Edward McCabe, Ed Ganley and Johnny Bates.    
By Year 8 students, Liam O'Loughlin and Edward Ganley

Week 2 Football 8B
In Week 2, the 8B football team played PAC at Sacred Heart. It was a pretty comfortable game for us as we scored 12 goals 16 and PAC kicked 3 points. The best players that week were Brandon Smith, Hamish Doherty, Ethan Eime, Jack Whelan and Owen Thrussell. The goal kickers for that game were Austin Quinn 2, Josh Barnes 1, Brandon Smith 2, Johnny Bates 1, Aiden Maker 2 and Owen Thrussell 2.
By Year 8 students, Jackson Raphael and Jack Winstanley



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