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Football (Issue 4 2017)

Written on the 29 June 2017

8A & 8B Football

Game 6 Saturday 24 June, 2017
SCORE- SHC 10.3.63 defeated Pembroke 3.1.19
With the expectation of an easier game after four weeks of tough football, SHC came out sluggish, having only 18 fit players. Pembroke came out determined and played good footy in Q1 in what were slippery conditions. SHC tried hard but struggled to get clean ball movement. Pembroke led well and often lead SHC to the ball. SHC came out determined in the 2nd to make amends and play better footy. SHC started to get its running game moving with Dewhurst taking control of the game. Ryan and Vizarri good in the middle and around the ground, Shinnick showing some class off the half back. B. Giles kicked a nice goal and showed plenty of determination around the ground. A much better 4 goal quarter.

Q3 and a few positional changes SHC were starting to control the game. Pembroke were playing physically, trying to throw SHC off its game. Van Jaarsveldt took control of the forward line, kicking 3 goals for the quarter and marking strongly. McAuliffe had a great quarter and kicked a cheeky one. SHC had another strong quarter, kicking 4 goals again.

The arm wrestle continued in the 4th quarter. Dewhurst, Ryan and Shinnick continued to work Vizarri and Foot good also. In what was an even quarter, SHC, to its credit, worked hard and remained focused on the footy. A good win considering SHC played with only 18 and struggled to play it's A game, but did enough to win the game comfortably. A strong effort from a good team under the circumstances.
Goals: Van Jaarsveldt 3, Ryan 2, Dewhurst 1, Barrett 1, Shinnick 1, B. Giles 1, McAuliffe 1.
Best: Ryan, Dewhurst, Shinnick, B. Giles, Vizarri.

Game 5 Saturday 17 June, 2017
SCORE- SHC 10.8.68 defeated PAC 7.3.45    
Once again perfect conditions in what was anticipated to be the toughest challenge for the year. PAC got the jump on SHC in the first quarter playing very good footy in what was a high standard. Faulkner, Foot and Vizarri the best for SHC who worked hard to keep us in the game. PAC took Q1 honours up 3 goals to 1, getting early goals over the top of defence. At the quarter time break the team remained upbeat and were vocal in their desire to turn the game around. In Q2, SHC came out determined and started to win a cleaner ball, in what remained a tough contest and at a high standard SHC inched ahead. More SHC players got on top of their players, Stewart providing a strong target at full forward, Shinnick, Van Kempen, Owens, Ryan all contributing well, with B. Giles and C. Giles clever up forward. SHC won the quarter, kicking 3 goals to one.

SHC had the momentum and once again were upbeat at half time, talking up their desire to lift to another level for the 3rd quarter. SHC started strongly, kicking two goals early. Foot and Vizarri the best on ballers and Faulkner tough and determined in the centre. Laverty moved into ruck in the 3rd quarter and was important, providing first use of the ball.
The 4th quarter played out evenly with PAC challenging. SHC backs held strong with Barrett, Ryan and Paprota solid in defence again in the 4th quarter. SHC held out a strong finish from PAC and took the honours in what was a determined effort from the entire team who all contributed to a great win.
Goals: Stewart 3, Dewhurst 2, Owens 2, B. Giles 1, C. Giles 1, Spencer 1.
Best: Foot, Vizarri, Faulkner, Stewart, Shinnick.

Game 4 Saturday 3 June, 2017
SCORE- SHC 11.7.73 defeated St Michael's 7.5.47

A perfect still and sunny day and anticipation high, SHC were determined to come out with a fast start. Laverty returning from injury set the tone from the first bounce, being aggressive at everything and demanding plenty of the ball. SHC were strong at the ball and moved the ball quickly. The skill looked good with Greneugal being clever in the pocket, kicking a classy goal. St Mick's were good providing quality opposition. SHC leading 3 goals to 2 and quarter time. In the second quarter, SHC stepped it up a notch, continuing to have clean ball movement and determined effort. Owens and Van Kempen were classy on the half forward and wing, Stewart playing a great lead up target at full forward. SHC were good all over the ground honouring the lead all day. Shinnick and Ryan using the ball well, with SHC kicking 3 to their 2.

In the third quarter, SHC were expecting St Michaels to come out firing and again, they proved a tough opponent with a number of talented players. SHC continued to force the issue, Foot, Faulkner and Vizarri relentless in defence. Paprota and Dewhurst provided first use of the ball to the on ballers with Spencer getting plenty of it. SHC kicking 3 goals to 2 and Stewart leading and marking strongly from full forward.

With the game still in the balance, another effort was required by SHC to play out the game. SHC continued to push and compete getting the first goal to create a buffer, St Mick's responded with the next 2. SHC competed strongly and kicked another to put the game away and seal the victory. A strong win by SHC over a very good opponent. SHC playing its best footy for the year.
Goals: Stewart 5, Van Kempen 2, Dewhurst 1, Grenuegal 1, Owens 1, Shinnick 1.
Best: Stewart, Foot, Van Kempen, Owens, Shinnick.

Nick Shinnick
8A Football Coach

8B Football
Game 4 - Saturday 27 May, 2017
SCORE SHC 4.3.27 lost to Adelaide High (A) 12.12.84

We travelled to Adelaide High for an early morning start on Saturday 27 May. We started the game well with two early goals from Harvey and Jamison, but then Adelaide started to gain momentum and they finished with four goals to close the first quarter. From then, Adelaide dominated the game with quick ball movement and accurate kicking. At three quarter time, the score was 50 to 58, Adelaide leading the way. We closed the game well, kicking the last two goals, kicked by Josh and Edward. Overall we played fairly poor, but considering it was against Adelaide High's A grade team, it wasn't such a bad effort.
Goals: E. McCabe, J. Fitzgerald, H. Otto, J. Barnes.
Best: L. Bennetts, M. Barnes, B. Smith, J. Whelan.

By Austin Quinn (Year 8) and Josh Barnes (Year 8)
Week 3 8B Football Captains



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