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From the Acting Principal (Issue 12 2018)

Written on the 30 August 2018

Dear members of the Sacred Heart College community

Research Project
In recent weeks students, staff and families of the College have celebrated achieving the best set of results for the Research Project received at Sacred Heart since the inception of the this subject into the SACE. In recent years, the College had shifted the allocation of time devoted to the Research Project from two semesters to one, as a result of its allocation of ten Stage 2 credits. Despite that reduction in time allocation, results achieved for the Research Project have clearly improved. The data below reflects this:

  • Growth in the A band: in 2016, 27.9% of all scores (in the Research Project) were in the A band. In 2017, that number was 34.4%. In 2018, 39.6% of all scores were in the A band for the Research project!
  • A reduction in the C band: in 2016 30.7% of all scores achieved in the Research Project were in the C band. In 2017, this number was 25.2%. In 2018, 20.3% of all scores were in the C band for the Research project!
  • Maintenance of the B band: throughout this time, scores achieved in the B band, have fluctuated between 41.4% and 40.2%!
  • Zero results in the D or E band!

This data reflects significant growth in results achieved for the Research Project at Sacred Heart College. There has been a clear shift in all students enrolled in the Research Project toward the A band.

At the same time, given the Research Project is a compulsory component of the SACE and given nearly 700 students have achieved the SACE at Sacred Heart in 2016 and 2017 (that's 100% SACE completion both years), there has not been one grade in the D (or E) band during this time, for the Research Project.

The Research Project is a critical component of the SACE, not just because of its compulsory status and we look forward, as a College, to continuing to assist our students to achieve the very best they can, in every subject they are enrolled in.

Our vote of thanks must also go to Rachel Aldrich as Head of Learning Area (Cross Disciplinary Studies) and the team of outstanding and committed educators tasked with bringing to life this compulsory and at times, challenging subject. Together with the commitment of our students and the support of families, these outstanding results are possible.

Finally, a message to our Year 12 students and their families: at the time of publication, there are just 30 school days remaining in the 2018 school year! Whilst these results for the Research Project are outstanding, we must not rest now. Now is the time to make that extra sacrifice, commit more fully and leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of individual and collective excellence! Let's regret none of our choices in the final 30 days of classes for 2018!

Daniel Lynch
Acting Principal


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