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From the Assistant to the Head of Campus (Issue 3 2018)

Written on the 8 March 2018

Parent/Teacher/Student Learning Meetings
In Week 8 we invite all parents/caregivers to take the opportunity to meet with your daughters teachers. This week an email was sent out with a web link and code for you to log on electronically and book a time with the teachers. We do encourage the students to attend these meetings as it is an opportunity to support their learning at Marymount.

Before and After School Supervision
Please be aware our Resource Centre is open in the morning from 8.00am until 8.20am and in the afternoon until 4.00pm. Please do not drop off your daughter prior to this time in the morning as we cannot guarantee that she will be supervised. If students can be promptly picked up at 4.00pm it would also be greatly appreciated.

Safety and Wellbeing
We have policies, processes and procedures in place to provide your daughters with a sense of belonging and to ensure their safety and wellbeing is nurtured. As part of building our partnership with families I would like to draw your attention to the following documents:

There are other procedures we have in place in order to keep our learners safe including:

  • Recruitment processes of new staff and relief teachers
  • Guidelines for staff in their interactions with students
  • Police check procedures and electronic screening for people on site and working with students
  • Safety procedures and risk assessments or excursions and incursions
  • Reporting of abuse and neglect.

The Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum is also taught across the 4 year levels and embedded in many learning areas. It teaches the learners about recognising abuse, telling a trusted adult and understanding ways to keep themselves safe.

As a further commitment to your daughter's safety, we previously offered face-to face RAN-EC training (Responding to Abuse and Neglect - Education and Care). However, we are now able to offer the training online for all volunteers at Marymount Campus (see below for instructions).

Responding to Abuse and Neglect Online Training for Volunteers
RAN training for volunteers is now an online session which must be completed before you can do volunteer work at a school. Once completed, please print your certificate and bring a copy to the front office, alternately email a copy of your certificate to jenrollins@shc.sa.edu.au.

Step 1 - Go to https://www.plink.sa.edu.au/pages/signup.jsf (if you already have an account, login)
Step 2 - Select account type 'Volunteer' then fill in the required boxes to CREATE ACCOUNT
Step 3 - Follow the prompts
Step 4 - Print a copy of your 'Certificate of Participation' and hand it in to Marymount Reception or email it to to jenrollins@shc.sa.edu.au.

Kate Bawden
Assistant to the Head of Campus


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