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From the Director of Teaching & Learning (Issue 18 2017)

Written on the 23 November 2017


Students have been emailed the following information.

STAGE 2 (YEAR 12) RESULTS - this includes Year 11 students studying Stage 2 Religion
Stage 2 SACE results are expected to be available through Students Online on Tuesday 19 December from 8.30 am. Official documentation (including SACE Certificate and Record of Achievement) will arrive in accordance with local, national and international postal delivery schedules.

For more information about SACE results, visit the My Results section on the SACE website.

Students should check their address is correct by logging onto Students Online to ensure documentation is posted to the correct address.

Students need their SACE registration number and PIN to log on. If they have never logged in before (unlikely I would hope) the PIN is the first 4 digits of the student's birthday (e.g. 3rd January would have PIN 0301). The PIN will be changed after the first log in (may have already changed if logged in previously). The PIN can be reset from this page if necessary. Stage 2 results will be sent to the address recorded on Students Online in December. Please email Deborah Hearl ( by 30 November at the latest with the correct address if it is wrong.

Year 12 students applying for courses through SATAC should ensure that their postal address and email is correct when they log on to SATAC - this is SEPARATE to SACE - else they won't receive course offers. The contact email address should NOT be the student's school email as this account will be inactive after 31 December 2017. STUDENTS are responsible for checking this information and changing if necessary.

Year 11 students are completing their exams this week. Year 10 exams are next week. Students have been emailed their Semester 2 exam timetable and rules relating to exams.

Year 10 and 11 Semester 2 2017 Exam timetable >

Please note that Year 10 and 11 ENGLISH students will be doing their exam on their Chromebook/laptop device. It is essential that Year 10 and 11 English students bring their fully charged Chromebook/device to their English exam.
It is not appropriate for families to book holidays during this important assessment period. In keeping with SACE Board policy, "matters of the student's own choosing (e.g. family holidays)" are not acceptable grounds for special provisions (such as rescheduling). The consequence for students missing exams due to holidays is therefore unfortunately zero.

YEAR 12 WEEK 1 2018 - 27-30 November
Year 11 students will have their first lessons for 2018 Year 12 next week. Students and parents of Year 11 students have been emailed details regarding this week (27 30 Nov). Students have received their timetables for next week.

Karen Bailey
Director of Teaching & Learning


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