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From the Head of Middle School (Issue 13 2016)

Written on the 1 September 2016

Winter Sport
Thank you to our growing body of dedicated parent coaches and managers who have made this year's winter sports program possible. It is a vitally important part of our holistic approach to educating the boys and it has been part of our Marist educational heritage for the over 190 years. Here at the Middle School, we know that involvement in extracurricular activities helps boys to feel more connected with our community, which in turn boosts their resilience, and it is great fun. Many parents, staff and boys enjoy following the journey of our teams in the CEA Newsletter each fortnight sharing in the triumphs and disappointments along the way. Thanks to everyone for another wonderful year of winter sport and to the thankless staff and parents who willingly commit their time and energy into this program. Enjoy a sleep in next Saturday morning!

Building a positive culture
From time to time, as a school we need to address issues that don't always reflect our school values. This can occasionally manifest in bullying and harassment among some students. As a tool we use a restorative process in the first instance to hopefully bring about a solution and understanding to the problem - rebuilding and restoring relationships is the heart of what we do as Catholic educators. Occasionally too, some words or phrases creep into the vernacular of our students, often coming from abbreviations used in social media - sometimes students can use words or expression that maybe offensive to others, even if the true meaning (if one exists) is not fully understood. I am sure you have heard some of these abbreviations. I will always argue that, regardless of what we say or do, if it is upsetting someone else, then we need to stop doing it. This is the message I conveyed to our Year 7 students last week. When any student comes to school, they have the right to feel safe. We will continue to work hard in educating our students to be the best they can be and building a positive culture will always remain a focus.

I hope all the fathers, especially those in our community, have a great day on Sunday.

Tim Mullin
Head of the Middle School



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