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From the Marymount CEA Coordinator (Issue 4 2018) Sport

Written on the 5 July 2018

It has been a jam packed few weeks for Marymount with Winter sport well underway, as well as range of sporting Carnivals taking place. We sent a large contingent to the SACPSSA Athletics Carnival in Week 8, where many girls came away with individual and relay success. The combined swimming squad also performed exceptionally at the first Independent Swimming Meet at Prince Alfred College. Our 6/7 Knockout Soccer team and 8/9 Knockout Netball team were unfortunately knocked out. The Primary Knockout team and both Football teams remain in the competition as they enter the final rounds early in Term 3. Our Basketball teams and 8/9 Knockout Soccer team will also begin their Knockout journey next term. I hope everyone enjoys a well deserved break from their school sport and look forward to an equally active and successful Term 3!

Year 6/7

Knockout Football - Round 2
Our team had a challenging game against Happy Valley Primary School on the Marymount Oval. Happy Valley began the first quarter with more determination but our players responded in the second quarter with 3 goals. The game saw pressure applied from both sides during the second half with each team displaying good skills. The girls had worked hard on their kicking at training and this was evident during the game. Overall, it was a great team effort and thanks to Manni and Maya for being our emergency players.

Marymount 5.5 (35) d Happy Valley PS 2.0 (12) | Goals: Zoe Bunting 2, Sophie Thomas 1, Imogen Pretty 1, Manni Tierney 1
Coach: Laura Parsons

Knockout Netball
The team consisted of Emerson Aristidou, Isabella Cannell, Rylee Carne, Georgia Mackereth, Tysa Miles, Ruby Roberts, Keeley Stallard, Manni Tierney, Bella Viljoen and Natarsha Vlachos (Milly Bradley absent). Congratulations to these girls  who have won through to Round 3 of their KO competition! The girls played their Round 2 match against Henley Primary School on Wednesday 27 June. I was very proud of the way the girls worked the ball down the court as a team, created space and lead confidently. Thank you to Kaye Whittaker for umpiring, Eleanor Fieldhouse for scoring and to the several parents and grandparents who came along to watch. We will continue to train hard for Round 3!

Marymount d Henley Primary School 42-12
Coach: Danielle Wilkey

Knockout Soccer - Round 1
Our team - Rosie Akot, Grace Bates, Milly Bradley, Keira Daibes, Sienna de Laine, Taylor Doak, Heidi Leuprecht, Mia Manno, Elissa Mellors, Jessica Owens, Mia Perkins, Zara Pratt, Sienna Robinson, Olivia Tierney, Natarsha Vlachos and Maddi Wilson, showed great commitment as they trained each week in preparation for their first round match. The girls demonstrated confident skills and showed determination during the match against Paringa Park Primary. An early goal by Marymount was equalled quickly by Paringa and a tense time-on culminated in the winning goal by Paringa Park. Congratulations to the team who represented SHC with pride and a special thank you to our two Year 9 coaches - Natasha Allison and Maya Thompson, who showed great leadership on the day.

Paringa Park d Marymount 2-1 | Goal: Rosie Akot
Coach: Sharon Bentley

Year 8/9

Knockout Football - Round 2
Nerves were high amongst the Hearts girls prior to taking on the highly fancied Blackwood High School. The girls jumped out of the gates with Eloise Merchant and Chloe Dumesny proving to be a damaging ruck-midfield duo. Olivia Burford presented well out of the goal square to take some towering marks. In the second quarter Blackwood moved the ball forward and it stayed there for much of the quarter. Desperate defence from Maya Thompson, Tayla Farrelly and Laura Sargeant allowed Hearts to protect the lead they built early. During the premiership quarter, both sides took turns at controlling possession. Lara Aristidou battled in the ruck, highlighted by some excellent 2nd and 3rd efforts when the ball was on the ground. With Blackwood threatening, Hearts kicked into gear for the final quarter. Sumer Ryan and Sarah Goodwin looked to be electric around goal, kicking superb goals to finish the game. Again, another excellent team performance with all 19 players making important contributions. Marymount football lives to see another day!

Marymount 8.3 (51) d Blackwood 1.2 (8)  |  Goals: S Goodwin 2, S Ryan 2, O Burford, N Allison, C Sander, L Aristidou 1
Best: E Merchant, S Goodwin, E Rowe, L Aristidou, N Allison
Coach: Dominic Ascoli

Knockout Netball
Congratulations to the team - Sophie Allen, Lara Aristidou, Lucy Bond, Annalise Bourke, Olivia Burford, Chloe Dumesny, Maggie Fahy, Eloise Merchant, Georgia Read, Taylah Stallard and Chelsea Swann, on their efforts in the Round 1 matches against Scotch College and Loreto College on Wednesday 13 June. The girls played two hard fought matches at Loreto. Game one against Scotch was tight with low scoring of goals in the first half. They worked hard in defence against some tall opponents and our attackers were kept on their toes working the ball into the goal ring. All players demonstrated a high level of skill and persistence, keeping their heads high at each quarter break. Game two against Loreto, the girls continued to display excellent talent across the court and were well warmed-up leading on the scoreboard from early on in the game. Thank you to Kaye Whittaker for umpiring our matches, Mae Fraser for scoring and to the parents and grandparents who came along to support us. A final thanks also, to the team for their commitment to trainings during lunchtimes and for their enthusiasm and support of one another. 

Game 1: Scotch d Marymount 35-26  |  Game 2: Marymount d Loreto 48-31
Coach: Danielle Wilkey

Cross Country
This was a challenging experience for the Marymount girls. The track conditions are deliberately intended to challenge students both physical and mentally. Added to this was the harsh conditions of rain, wind and cold temperatures. However, our girls competed with grit and determination and their commitment to do their best never wavered. The students are to be commended for their efforts on this day. 

Supervisor: Christos Anemouri

Alexandra Tilley
CEA Coordinator


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