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From the Principal (Issue 10 2016)

Written on the 8 July 2016

Dear members of the Sacred Heart College community,

As Term 2 concludes and winter really sets in there is a sense around the College that it is time for a break.

On Friday at the Middle School we will acknowledge our high achieving students in the fields of academics, endeavour and personal development. With so many of the boys striving to do their best it is important that we acknowledge their efforts. One of the themes to be presented will be 'facing our fears'. These are those self-doubts most of us experience from time to time, or the fear of rejection by our peers because we do something different or whatever it is which sometimes holds us back from being our best.

Such a fear can be healthy and an emotional energy we can channel into our life, or performance or commitment to achieve.

'Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.'

                                                         Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

Facing our fears casts light on them! The message is poignant. We are all meant to shine and a significant goal of the educational journey at Sacred Heart is to assist students discover the talents they may not realise they possess and to apply them as best they can. The hope being that these talents will play a significant role in their pathway through their school years and beyond.

We as caring parents and significant adults and teachers can greatly assist our young people in this understanding. So often it is a simple word or gesture of encouragement and affirmation which can make such a difference. So, as the SHC students embark on their mid-year break and the College Reports make their way home I encourage all families to have the conversation around the positives and offer words of encouragement where needed. Let's ensure that we allow our students' lights to shine!

Week 1, Term 3
The SHC mid-year break is a three week break. Week 1 of next term provides for the Year 12 Trial Examinations and various workshops whilst the College staff undertake a Professional Learning (PL) Week. It's important to note that the bulk of these days are drawn together by not having such days at the beginning of each term or concluding terms with half days and so on.  Holy Thursday is the exception for obvious reasons.

During this week, the Middle School staff will be undertaking PL in Restorative Practice and Literacy Master Classes conducted by CUE Education. This PL is central to our literacy strategy as we strive to further improve our boys' literacy skills. The Senior School staff will undertake 'Differentiating the Senior Curriculum' with Dr Jane Jarvis (SHOC). The Support Staff will undertake a range of learning opportunities in Mindfulness, Word (Levels 2/3) and our Student Management Software - Edumate. All staff will also be involved in a range of meetings structured around existing projects, programs and curriculum needs.

It is widely accepted that collaborative practice in schools enhances the learning outcomes of students and this week provides this context.

I wish all a safe and rejuvenating break and thank the staff, students, parents, carers and friends of the College for all they have contributed during the first half of 2016!

Kind regards,

Steve Byrne


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