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From the Principal (Issue 10 2017)

Written on the 6 July 2017

Dear members of the Sacred Heart College community,

Sharon Jeloscek RIP
The members of the Sacred Heart College Community mourn the loss of Sharon Jeloscek, a much loved Staff member and friend who commenced at the College in 1985.

Sharon will be remembered for her commitment to the broader Marist ideals of Sacred Heart and her generous service in various capacities, including Deputy Principal (2004 - 2013). The numerous tributes received from her former students on the College Facebook page speak for themselves!

The College extends its heartfelt sympathy to Sharon's family - Lee, Sal, Louis and Serge - and gives thanks to God for the privilege of sharing a significant part of her life.

May she rest in the peace and love of God.

Professional Learning Week (Week 1, Term 3) 2017
A comprehensive program of Professional Learning has been developed for the Sacred Heart and Marymount College Staff for the Professional Learning Week (24 - 28 July). The Monday morning sessions involve all staff in a Marist Educational Philosophy '101' seminar presented by Br John McMahon, followed by Liz Dickenson's (Catholic Education SA Consultant) 'Catholic Social Teaching using a Marist Lens'. Other highlights across the week will include Visible Learning (John Hattie's model of effective learning), Positive Education with Dr Mathew White, facilitating from St Peter's College, as well as a range of workshops in areas such as First Aid, Indigenous Education, Deafness Awareness and administrative meetings. The week will conclude with a focus on staff wellbeing, prayer and fellowship.

As the amalgamation continues to unfold, the opportunity to work together on professional learning initiatives is integral to further improving the quality and nature of the education at the College - both in the current context and into the future. By removing 'one-off' days at the commencement of each term and concluding school at the end of the final day of term, except for Easter, we have been able to create these important days. It also provides a settled environment for our Year 12 students to undertake their 'Trial' Examinations. Such arrangements are not uncommon in Boarding Schools. We look forward to making the most of this valuable time!

Amalgamation 'Green Paper'
In a parliamentary setting, a 'Green Paper' is a preliminary report of proposals that is published in order to provoke discussion. The broad consultative processes across Semester 1, 2017, have provided an opportunity for numerous issues to be raised. These have been framed within the Amalgamation 'Green Paper' and the key areas schematised. The Professional Learning Week is inextricably linked to the key areas outlined in the discussion paper. A copy of the 'Green Paper' will be available on the College Facebook page or click HERE!

Included with the paper is a link to the Edge Architects Concept 3D 'Fly-by', something which has really excited the staff and students across the Colleges. The consultations will continue into next term with a view to developing a 'White Paper' which will firm up the proposals for final consultation. Exciting times indeed!

Many thanks to all for their efforts during the first half of 2017!

Steve Byrne



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