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From the Principal (Issue 3 2017)

Written on the 9 March 2017

Dear members of the Sacred Heart College community,

Marist Association of St Marcellin Champagnat
Over the last weekend I attended a series of meetings in relation to the Marist Mission, or works, in Australia. As a member of the Association Council (MAC) I would like to extend an invitation to members of the Sacred Heart Heart Community who might wish to have a conversation, or to explore, possible membership of the Association.

In brief, the purpose of the MAC is to continue the core mission of the Marist Institute making Jesus known and loved, in the way of Mary, and bringing hope to the youth of today. The Association aims to provide a spiritual family within the Church for people committed to living the Gospel of Jesus, with Mary as their inspiration, in the style of St Marcellin Champagnat. As a public association it conducts the religious and educational ministries of the Marist Institute.

The Association offers members the possibilities of formation, prayer life, community and ministry. Members are typically like-minded people, from young adults to retirees, from those working in Marist ministries and those not, lay people, Brothers and other religious. Young people are usually invited to involvement with the Marist Youth Ministry movement - which has a healthy membership of recent, former students and a growing number of current Year 12's.

The website above is a good starting point for further information and the 'We Marists' document should stimulate your thinking. If you wish to discuss further please don't hesitate to contact me.

Sport Hot Weather Policy
One of the frustrations experienced by the students, staff and families involved in the sports program is the current SAAS (Sporting Association of Adelaide Schools) Policy of cancelling sport when the advertised maximum temperature for Adelaide is 36 (Primary sport cancelled) or 38 (Secondary sport cancelled) degrees or higher.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has an 'App'. It can be suburb specific. So it was no surprise when last week the Adelaide (city) temperature was 36 degrees, Mitchell Park was 35 and Somerton Park 32. Somerton Park is regularly a few degrees cooler than the city. Into the future we will work on moving the policy to being informed by the BOM App. Training should be readily sorted and we'll need to work with other schools in regard to matches. There is no suggestion that we would proceed if the BOM App exceeds 36 degrees (primary) or 38 degrees (secondary) or higher, except in alignment with the current policy for First XI Cricket and Drive Tennis.

I'm sure most of us would prefer to see matches played in the mornings under the most accurate information we have? If you have a view please feel free to discuss this with the College staff.

Finally, our prayers and thoughts are with the Year 12 students who are on Retreat this week. Our hope is that this significant experience provides the time and space for each of them to develop a better understanding of themselves, those they love and role of God in their lives.

Best wishes,

Steve Byrne



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