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From the Principal (Issue 6 2018)

Written on the 10 May 2018


Dear members of the Sacred Heart College community

Mother's Day

With Sunday being Mother's Day there has been a number of celebrations across the College focused on mothers, grandmothers and significant women who deeply impact our lives.

The Marymount Assembly was wonderfully presented by the girls with a range of prayers, singing, dancing, music, media and shared thoughts. This image of Mary was also presented to the girls.

It is a contemporary Marian image. Mary is a shared and integral spiritual focus for both Marymount and Sacred Heart. For Marymount it is in the name, for Sacred Heart it is the Marist Brothers who forged such a focus. The emphasis and devotion to Mary is a special, Catholic tradition especially at our College. This contemporary image presents Mary in a different light.

The artist depicts Mary as she heads to the hill country of Judea to visit her cousin Elizabeth whose pregnancy is a welcome surprise and blessing. As she looks back, she is heading towards a challenging journey of a few days of over 100 kilometres, quite pregnant herself. It is a strong, determined and selfless Mary who intends to embrace and support her cousin - thus emphasising her commitment to family!

I could go on!

The point of reflection in regard to the importance of our relationships, especially with our mums, grandmas and aunts and other significant women in our lives, is just how blessed we are to have such a bond and in many cases, a significant person who offers their love unconditionally. We can appreciate that special 'sixth sense' that mums have when they 'just know' something's not quite right and so on. Intuitions that we need a hug, these moments are precious!

So how do we reciprocate this love? The gifts we present on Sunday will matter little in the long run if we don't back them up with actions expressing our love and care we have for our mums and significant women in our lives.

Wishing all the women in our community who care and nurture our young people - mums, grandmothers, aunts and other significant women, a special day this Sunday!

Mary, our good Mother, pray for us.

Steve Byrne


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