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Futsal (Indoor Soccer) (Issue 2 2017)

Written on the 13 April 2017

Futsal at the Middle School

Futsal has so far been one of the best things to ever happen to the soccer program at Sacred Heart Middle. As a means of improving the boys' skills for outdoor winter soccer, futsal is top of the list. Since we piloted a Year 6/7 training program in 2016 with around 15 boys, the numbers have grown this year to well over 50 kids participating across the year levels. Some boys are training twice a week. Just from playing this term, the pace of games has improved incredibly, as Luke Romano and many other boys have noted. Their skills and vision in tight spaces has come a long way. Futsal is everything a youth sport should be:

High intensity

  • All the boys are constantly involved in the play (everyone defends and everyone attacks), lots of touches
  • Lots of goals
  • Game is the teacher; the coach simply sets it up. Something that's stuck with me is how Tyreece Conway said that "futsal is great since they have to work out things for themselves as they play"
  • Creativity, tighter space and time forces the boys to come up with creative solutions to their situation.

Goal of the term
On Monday of Week 10, Year 7 student, Buddhima Weerakkody, scored a wonder goal that deserves a special mention. From inside his own half on the right, he launched a volley, sailing over the keeper into the back of the net. It was a privilege to be there to see it.

A big thank you to the boys for respecting each other, and their peer referees throughout the term. The soccer program places a big focus on teaching lifelong values such as this. It has been something we have explicitly worked on each term.

Morning Trainings
Thanks to the boys and parents for making the early morning trainings in such great numbers. It's been great to have a good crowd to watch in the mornings as boys wait for the morning bell. Siobhan Brophy, School Counsellor has endorsed morning trainings as a way of helping student wellbeing. The research into exercise before school suggests that it has a positive effect on attention in class. Anecdotally, the boys have said that playing helps to wake them up.

A few thank you's
Thanks to Adam Rice, Middle School Sports Coordinator, who has backed and given time and funds towards getting futsal off the ground - especially in getting proper futsal goals, which the boys have loved. Thanks to the parents for coming to watch and pick their kids up each week. And thanks to the boys, for coming to every session. It really has been a joy to watch.

Declan Jamieson
Soccer Coordinator



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