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HPE at the Middle School (Issue 6 2018)

Written on the 10 May 2018

This week, students in Years 6 and 8 have begun preparations for their upcoming SEPEP (Sport Education in Physical Education Program) units. SEPEP is a pedagogy widely adopted by HPE teachers at the Middle School. The approach aims to replicate facets of community sport to provide students with a more holistic view of what it takes to make up a sporting team or club. Students adopt individual roles within their teams, which they remain a part of for the duration of the program. Teachers provide a framework for the students to develop their team and then take a 'back seat' as students develop and utilise their personal and social skills to work through issues which arise and build their team from the ground up.

2018, being a FIFA World Cup year, sees the Year 6 students run their own version of the World Cup, called Hearts Cup. This soccer competition is now in its fifth year and involves students forming teams of six or seven within their home rooms. 'International Friendlies' provide opportunities for teams to trial different formations and tactics against other teams in their class. The 'Group Stage' involves intra- and inter-class matches for premiership points, after which each class ranks their teams from 1-4. From the 24 teams, the top two advance to the 'Major Round of 12', while the remaining teams compete in the 'Minor Round of 12', with one team from each competition being awarded the Hearts Cup.

Much of the magic happens off the field however, where teams gather for team meetings, work together to add to their team folder and team wall, and plan and coordinate their own training sessions - all with minimal input from their teacher. The 2018 Hearts Cup officially launches Wednesday Week 2 and promises to be bigger and better than ever! Updates will be provided in the Hearts Newsletter as the competition unfolds.

Each year level runs their own SEPEP competition. Further information and highlights from the other events will be published at a later date:

Year 6:  Hearts Cup Soccer
Year 7:  Salad Bowl Flag Football
Year 8:  Champagnat 5s Touch
Year 9:  Netball (new in 2018)

Ashley Jenner
HPE Teacher


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