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Japan Study Tour presentation (Issue 5 2017)

Written on the 6 April 2017

A group of 10 Year 11 and 12 students visited the Middle School on Friday 28 March (Week 8) and made a presentation about the 2016 Japan Study Tour to all the Year 8 and 9 students who are currently studying Japanese. The 2016 Japan Study Tour group (25 students and three teachers) went to Japan for 16 days, touring Tokyo to Hiroshima including five days homestay at Sozan High School in Okayama prefecture. Students fully enjoyed the tour, learned a lot and came back with even more motivation and enthusiasm for studying Japanese.

The enthusiasm and passion for learning about the Japanese language and culture were passed on to the younger learners at the Middle School. Below are some of the comments from the Middle School students.

Year 8 student reflections
"It was interesting and they talked about how fun it was."
"They spoke with a lot of enthusiasm."
"The home-stay sounds scary but fun."
"It was awesome to hear they got to use their Japanese and they knew more than they thought they did."

Year 9 student reflections
"I want to go because it looks so fun."
"The food looks yum and I want to try it."
"The videos were awesome! Looks like they had so much fun."
"I need to work on my Japanese."

We are currently planning the next tour in 2018!

Keiko Nielsen
Japanese teacher (Senior School)
Mark Semmler
Japanese teacher (Middle School)
Tom Cross
Japanese teacher (Middle School)



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