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Marist Mission (Issue 4 2018)

Written on the 22 March 2018

House Logos and Mottos
This term, new House logos and mottos were commissioned which reflect the identity of our five Houses. Each House is named after a significant person or place in the Marist story, which reflects our College History.

Chanel - St Peter Chanel - "the man with a good heart" - joined the Marist Brothers in 1831, and responded to the call of Pope Gregory in travelling as a missionary throughout the South West Pacific. St Peter Chanel, was one of Marcellin's earliest religious companions. The Sacred Heart brings some of the most peaceful moments to families and individuals because of the unconditional love that is symbolises. This also represents St Peter Chanel's life of finding light and generosity, despite him enduring extreme difficulties and hardships.

Chavoin - Jeanne-Marie Chavoin was the founder of the Marist Sisters, called to "do the work of Mary". Like Mary, Chavoin "lived simply" and was attentive to the needs of others. Action was her second nature. She was renowned for doing works of charity when it was not fashionable or glamorous. That's the charity that counts. Spiritual tradition among the Marist Brothers likened the three virtues of humility, simplicity and modesty to three violets hidden in the garden, giving glory to God in their smallness and hiddenness. This reflects Jeanne-Marie's work of living simply and with humility.

Fourviere - Before the Black Madonna in the Chapel of Fourviere on 23 July 1816 a small group of young men pledged to find a religious congregation of "Marists". Their dream became a reality in the foundation of the Marist family of religious and lay men and women. The background graphic represents the 600 steps that the 12 seminarians climbed to the Fourviere Chapel with their eyes agaze to the dream that was before them. The four stars symbolise the "Marist Family" - made up of four congregations (Marist Brothers, Marist Sisters, Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary and Marist Laity). These four groups are extensions of the original seminarians at Fourviere.

Marian - The Society of Mary was formed in devotion to Mary, inspired by Mary, and as the inspiration for Marcellin. Gentle, open minded, and with an open heart, Mary is the figure of tender strength for our Church and a source of inspiration for us all. The Fleur-de-lys (or lily flower) is a long recognised symbol of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It symbolises purity and whiteness. The slogan, "Faith. Simplicity. Strength." represents the characteristics of Mary that Marists hold dear.

Montagne - Jean Baptiste Montagne was dying, aged 16, and was ignorant to matters of faith. Marcellin instructed him, heard his confessions and prepared him for death, and was inspired thereafter to begin a community of teaching brothers. The human figures in the middle of the tree represent our spiritual growth and our ability to be agents of change. The leaves on the tree symbolise the growth of the Marist family across more than 80 countries worldwide.


Year 12 Retreats
During Week 6, the Year 12 Retreats were held across 5 sites in wider Adelaide - from Wallaroo through to Normanville! The Retreat allows our Year 12's to take stock and break the routine of normal lessons. Set in picturesque surroundings, the students were able to have their own time and space to reflect individually as well as participate in large group and small group sessions.

The Retreat takes on the theme of 'Loving ourselves to love others better'. In order to develop and strengthen relationships with those around us, we need to first look inward at who we are and what our God given gifts and talents are.  The Year 12's were able to explore their own faith and spirituality, which reached its peak as we celebrated the Eucharist on the last night of the Retreat.

No doubt the highlight of the Retreat for our students was receiving a letter from their family. Sincere thanks to the family members who contributed to making the Year 12 Retreat a life-changing experience for our students.

James Gill
Director of Marist Mission

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