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Meet the House Captains (Issue 2 2018 Sport)

Written on the 12 April 2018

Lara Aristidou

McLaughlin House Captain

Sports played for Marymount:
Knock-out Football, Badminton, Wakakirri Assistant

Favourite Role Model and Why?
My favourite role model is Cathy Freeman. She inspires me to always try hard and to always remember that everyone has the chance to be the best you can be no matter where you come from, what gender you are and what your religion is.

Superstitions or pre-games habits:
To always warm up and stretch before the game.

Favourite pre-game feed:
A small bowl of muesli and rice bubbles with warm milk and/or a cheese quesadilla.

Most memorable SHC sporting memory:
When I was in the knock-out football team, the whole team wore matching braids in their hair for every match.

Favourite quote OR what is the best advice you have been given:
"When my Dad was my netball coach he always said 'always put in 100% effort and dominate'".


Natasha Allison

Polding House Captain

Sports played for Marymount:
Volleyball, Badminton, Cross-Country, Athletics, Soccer,  Indoor Soccer, Football, Cricket, Touch Football

Favourite Role Model and Why?
My favourite role model is Courtney Cramey #22 for the Adelaide Crows Women's football team. Courtney is a hard working, passionate, incredible footballer, yet humble and a team player at the same time. I would love to one day play professional football like Courtney and I aspire to show the qualities she has on and off the field.

Favourite Sporting Team:
Adelaide Crows

Superstitions or pre game habits:
I don't usually have any superstitions for normal games but if it is a big event such as a grand final I start associating colours with my team or the opposition team. For example, if I see a car on the way to the game that is my team's colour, it would be a good sign that we will win but if I saw a car that is the opposition's colour, this would be a bad sign that they might win.

Favourite pre game feed:
Usually it is something quick and easy like spaghetti followed by some fruit such as banana, apple, orange or watermelon for a burst of energy.

Most memorable SHC sporting memory:
I have had many memorable sporting moments at SHC so far but one of the best would have to be playing in the 6/7 Knock-out Football grand final.   It was a great game as we got to play on Woodville Oval and I kicked 2 goals.   It was my first year playing footy and I had many friends in the team so we all worked together really well and had lots of fun.

Favourite quote OR what is the best advice you have been given:
"Champions are made when no one is watching."


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