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Middle School uniform alignment (Issue 14 2017)

Written on the 14 September 2017

As a part of the ongoing review of Middle School and Senior School policy and procedure, there has been consultation on some discrepancies that exist in the current requirements on student uniform.

In order to align the Middle School and Senior School uniform requirements, the following changes have been made to the Middle School Uniform Requirements. These changes will assist parents who have students across both schools.

Summer Uniform:
As well as shorts and short sleeve shirt, long trousers and long sleeve shirt may now be worn.
Long grey trousers worn with belt and open-necked, short sleeved, pin-striped blue shirt or long-sleeved, pin-striped blue shirt and SHC tie with shirt tucked in.

Sports Shoes:
Any colour or black will be permitted. No extremes in fashion and no casual shoes.

Please note that some differences still exist so please check details on uniform requirements that can be found on the College website at

Feel free to contact me at if you have any enquires about these changes.

Joe Millemaci
Middle School Director of Students



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