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Pedal Prix (Issue 9 2017)

Written on the 22 June 2017

The UniSA Australian HPV Super Series is staged by Australian International Pedal Prix Inc. and is a competition where teams race Human Powered Vehicles (HPV's) on a closed controlled circuit.

On Sunday 18 June, the Middle School's Pedal Prix team turned up at Victoria Park for a chilly and foggy start to this year's racing campaign. With repairs, re-skins and re-taping taking up a few nights in the workshop during camp week, all vehicles have undergone a pre-race tune-up making them ready to go in Race 1 Adelaide for new and returning riders.

After a pre-race track walk to familiarise new riders to the challenges of the course, a nervous energy spread through the competitors as the clock counted down to the start of the six-hour event. After a slippery start with some crashes, bumps and knocks, the riders settled into the race and the spectators enjoyed the spill and thrills of 'crash corner' and the event action.

The Year 6 riders, in a newly skinned Sacred Stars' vehicle, completed 76 laps relatively incident free. Avatar 2, the newest vehicle powered by the Year 7s, added some extra scrapes and dings courtesy of pushy teams who caused a roll over. The Year 7s completed the most laps at 96. Year 8 and 9 students set Heartbeat on its way. Despite a chain issue, which resulted in a lift back to the pits by Pedal Prix staff, they completed 95 laps even after the loss in time due to repairs.

A big thank you to the parents/caregivers who gave up a few nights to set the vehicles up for the race, to those who helped students in and out vehicles, and those who took a turn at marshalling late in the day. Without your help, these events would not be possible.

Why not come and see all the action at our next race on July 30 at Victoria Park?


Sonja Brownridge, Joe Millemaci and Sean Perry
Pedal Prix Coordinators



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