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Senior Sport Fixtures and Results (Issue 3 2018) Sport

Written on the 31 May 2018

Weekly sports fixtures and results are uploaded on to the Sacred Heart webpage via the Sport and CEA tab. The fixture for the coming week are uploaded on Mondays, while the results from the previous week are upload by Wednesday.

We take this opportunity to provide to you with additional websites where you can find the fixtures for the entire season.  It is vital to remember that these websites are live and by nature, the details within them can change. We therefore recommend that you do not print the seasons fixtures, but rather check the website weekly to confirm the game details.

Boys & Girls Mixed Sports

SHC1 (Mixed team) refer to U17 Division 1 Boys #73
SHC2 (SHC A) refer to U17 Division 3 Girls #101
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Boys Sport

Open A1, B1, C1, Senior 1 & 2
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Sacred Heart FIRST XVIII refer to Premier League
Sacred Heart Second XVIII refer to SAAS Championship South
Sacred Heart Third XVIII refer to Premier League Reserves
Sacred Heart Fourth XVIII refer to SAAS Championship South Reserves
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Second XI - refer to Open A2
Third XI - refer to Open B1 
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Girls Sport

Netball - Senior
SHC1 Open A1 refer to Year 11/12 A1 Grade
SHC2 Open A2 refer to Year 11/12 A2 Grade
SHC3 & SHC4 Open B1 refer to Year 11/12 B1 Blue Grade
SHC5 & SHC6 Open B2 refer to Year 11/12 B2 Yellow Grade
SHC7 & SHC8 Open C1 refer to Year 11/12 C1 Silver Grade
SHC9 & SHC10 Open C1 refer to Year 11/12 C1 Gold Grade
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Netball - Year 10
10A1 (SHC1) & 10A2 (SHC2) refer to Year 10 A1 & A2 Grade
10B1 (SHC3) & 10B2 (SHC4) refer to Year 10 B1 Grade
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Open B Sacred Heart 1 refer to Senior B Grade
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Ali Trewartha
Boys Sport Coordinator

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