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Sports Day (Issue 2 2017)

Written on the 13 April 2017

2017 Sports Day at the Senior School

Sports Day is one of the greatest days of the school year, as it allows students to showcase their athletic ability, their sportsmanship, and their passion for their houses. On Friday the 3rd of March Sacred Heart College gathered on the Main Oval, in front of the new gym, and participated in the first sports day with the brand new houses! A day without schoolwork and school uniforms, instead bright colours and enthusiastic participants! Gone were the days of Franklin domination, as the creation of the new houses levelled the playing field, and allowed there to be an opportunity for a new champion house. These new houses, five instead of 10, meant that there were double the amount of students in each house, which meant the house spirit was booming.

Before Sports Day, houses were gathering together and organising their athletes and their cheers. This was crucial as Sacred Heart has a variety of events that are conducted prior to Sports Day. This was called the "Sports Week". Events such as the 1500m, the 800m, Tug-O-War, and the Year 12 long jump were completed prior to the day, so that everything would run smoothly. A great part of these pre-events meant that there was a running tally of points before the big day, which allowed houses to start the competition early. Marian was in the lead in the events prior to Sports Day, with the other houses closely following behind.

The morning of Sports Day was filled with excitement and chaos! Thankfully our school has great teachers who were able to organise the day, especially Miss Trewartha and Mrs Penhall, who gave up so much time and effort behind the scenes to make sure everything fell into place on the Friday morning. Of course there were other teachers who helped out tremendously, especially in the pre-events; Mr Hildyard, Mr Gill and Mr Hutton, and of course we can't forget Mr Wright with the starter gun!

The day was predicted to be 38 degrees, which was daunting, as if the day was to be this hot it would have to be cancelled! Thankfully, the weather was on our side and the temperature did not reach this extreme! Sports Day started with the captains arriving early, organising and setting up each house area. It was said by many that having five houses with five single colours, was a lot easier to manage than 10 houses with multiple colours! Once the students had been signed in at homeroom, they all made their way over to the Main Oval.

After the students had set their gear down, and had organised themselves, the house warm ups began, where each house had a chance to do a warm up lap and perform some stretches, whether they were useful or not, and get their team fired up for the day to come. Once Mr Lynch and Mr Byrne completed their welcome speeches, the events were underway!

Although there were too many events to recount, it was obvious that with each event, multiple athletes from each house were participating, and giving it their all! The main part of Sports Day was participation, and everyone trying their best and doing what they could for their house. It was great to see those who were not as athletic, giving it a go and having fun. Sports Day is a great day to have fun and try your best.

The points were close throughout the duration of the day, with all the houses being within a few 100 points of each other. After having multiple houses in the lead, it was anyone's game before the relays were completed. Each house knew the importance of a couple of points, as it could be the difference between winning and losing! And surprisingly, this was to happen by the final results!

By the end of the day, all houses were exhausted and cheered out, however still managed to give their final chants to gain some house spirit points. The house that proved to be the most cheering and with the most house spirit was Fourviere! They had to give some credit to their trusty cheerer, Dante De leso, who stole the show with his energy and excitement ALL day.

Once the spirit award was presented, it was the champion shield that was next, and all five houses were wanting to be the first ones on it, as they would be the first winners of the new houses! The rankings were close in all positions, however there were only two points separating first and second, and there can only be one winner. With Mr Lynch holding the suspense until the last possible second, it was announced that Chavoin house had won the 2017 Sacred Heart College Sports Day!

To conclude, Sports Day was a great day, with student participation at the highest it has ever been! We would like to thank everyone who helped to make the day as successful as it was. Many hours of hard work goes into organising whole school events, especially ones that last the entire day, and all who helped should not be overlooked.

One last note:
For the Year 10s - it was an exciting first Sports Day at the Senior School!
For the Year 11s - they got to see how hard the Year 12's worked and know they will need to step up to fill those positions next year.
And for the Year 12s - they enjoyed their last ever Sports Day at school!

Bring on the 2018 SHC Sports Day!!

Sophie Agostino and Harry Morgan
Senior Sports Captains

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