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VET Q and A (Issue 5 2018)

Written on the 5 April 2018

Vocational Education and Training (VET) is a great choice for many students. VET includes classroom based and job related hands-on learning. VET enables students to gain skills and knowledge through nationally recognised industry-developed courses and allows students to gain their SACE while obtaining a VET qualification.

This term our VET Coordinator Leanne De Young sat down with Year 11 students, Aldo and Locrin, who have commenced a Certificate II in Engineering Production Technology at Rosewater Trade Training Centre (RTTC). This qualification takes two years to complete and can lead to further study in the areas of mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering or mechatronics just to name a few! Employment pathways include apprenticeships and work in metal engineering, manufacturing, civil construction, mining and toolmaking.

Q: Why did you choose to study a VET Course while doing your SACE?
Aldo: I enjoy working with metal and there seems to be a lot of jobs available in the metal industry.
Locrin: I'm interested in working in trade especially metal and automotive mechanics - I'm hoping this gives me an edge.

Q: What does a typical day at VET look like?
Aldo: I get up at 6am, have brekkie and get ready. I catch the 7am train to the city and at Adelaide swap on the 7.35 train to Osborn. I get off at Alberton and walk to RTTC. I arrive around 8am and training starts at 8.40am. AT VET we have two lessons in the classroom and one in the workshop. We have a 20 min break in the morning which we refer to as a "smoko" and 30 min lunch break. We knock off at 3pm. I catch the train home and usually arrive home by 4.30pm.
Locrin: I'm really lucky to be driven to and from Rosewater but I still have to get up at 6am. It takes me about 1hr to get there. A normal day looks like: Session 1 - 8.40am to 10.20am in the classroom; "Smoko" - 10.20am - 10.40am; Session 2 - 10.40 to 12.30 in the classroom; Lunch - 12.30 - 1pm; Session 3 - 1pm to 3pm Practical Workshop; We finish at 3pm and I usually get home around 4pm.

Q: What do you like about your VET Course?
Aldo: I like that we have a great deal of responsibility - there is a fine line between having fun and having to be serious.  I like also being with students from other schools.
Locrin: I like the environment at Rosewater.  The lecturers have a lot of experience in the field.  We get treated like adults - it's a workplace environment.  You want the lecturers respect but you can also be mates.

Q: As you are away from school one day a week, how do you manage your school work?
Aldo: I talk to my teachers to find out what I've missed out on at school while I'm at VET and use my library study line to catch up.
Locrin: Having the library study line at school helps as does studying Workplace Practices.  I check with my teachers what I have missed and check google classroom.

Q: Any words of wisdom for students considering studying a VET Course?
Aldo: Just do it! You won't look back "Once the arc starts nothing matters"!
Locrin: Keep an open mind and ask lots of questions - of the VET Coordinator and your friends. VET is not a bludge - it's hard work. You have to take safety very seriously as failure has huge consequences.

Leanne De Young
VET Coordinator


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